EMX Report: MXGP of Lombardia

A report with results.

A report with results.

Support classes are typically uninteresting, to be brutally honest. That is certainly not the case at a round of the FIM Motocross World Championship, however, as the various EMX classes feature countless riding stars. The EMX250 and EMX125 series will continue this weekend, alongside the EMX300 class, so we’ll use this report to ensure that you are up to date.

EMX125 Time Practice

The two EMX125 qualifying sessions actually played out exactly as one would expect. Brian Strubhart-Moreau continues to assert his dominance in the division, as he romped to the fastest time in the first session, and then Mikkel Haarup sat atop the results sheet in session two. What other noteworthy points emerged? Jack Bintcliffe transferred directly for the first time this season, much to the delight of the British fans in attendance. All of the riders listed below qualified.

EMX125 Group One: 1st Brian Strubhart Moreau (1:41.453), 2nd Gianluca Facchetti (1:41.827), 3rd Andrea Zanotti (1:43.017), 4th Raf Meuwissen (1:43.565), 5th Matteo Puccinelli (1:43.580), 6th Isak Gifting (1:43.591), 7th Alessandro Manucci (1:43.657), 8th Sergi Notario (1:44.035), 9th Viking Lindstrom (1:44.183), 10th Alessandro Facca (1:44.582), 11th Matteo Del Coco (1:44.869), 12th Mattia Guadagnini (1:45.108), 13th Paolo Lugana (1:45.138), 14th Emil Jonrup (1:45.160), 15th Maxime Charlier (1:45.340).

EMX125 Group Two: 1st Mikkel Haarup (1:42.175), 2nd Rene Hofer (1:43.823), 3rd Meico Vettik (1:44.118), 4th Kevin Horgmo (1:44.255), 5th Emilio Scuteri (1:44.309), 6th Raivo Dankers (1:44.651), 7th Thibault Benistant (1:44.672), 8th Rick Elzinga (1:44.756), 9th Jack Bintcliffe (1:44.991), 10th Filip Olsson (1:45.041), 11th Jeremy Sydow (1:45.063), 12th Yann Crnjanski (1:45.161), 13th Marcel Stuaffer (1:45.365), 14th Andrea Bonacorsi (1:45.375), 15th Petr Polak (1:45.444).

EMX125 Last Chance: 1st Scotty Verhaeghe, 2nd Tim Edberg, 3rd Christopher Mills, 4th Jeremy Hauquier, 5th Emil Weckman, 6th Alberto Barcella, 7th Calvin Fonvieille, 8th Giacomo Zancarini, 9th Rainers Zuks, 10th Xylian Ramella.

Strubhart-Moreau continues to throw the hammer down (ConwayMX)

EMX300 Time Practice

The tables may turn in EMX300 this weekend, as this is the first time that the riders have tackled the sand. It is hardly surprising that Mike Kras set the fastest time, with that in mind, but the fact that James Dunn made it a GL12 KTM 1-2 was certainly intriguing. Valtteri Malin was arguably the biggest surprise though, as a lowly ninth is his greatest moto finish this season.

EMX300 Qualifying Results: 1st Mike Kras (1:41.433), 2nd James Dunn (1:42.186), 3rd Valtteri Malin (1:42.199), 4th Brad Anderson (1:42.238), 5th Kenny Vandueren (1:42.474), 6th Greg Smets (1:43.322), 7th Erik Willems (1:43.749), 8th Frantisek Smola (1:44.093), 9th Manuel Iacopi (1:44.512), 10th Michael Hool (1:44.525).

Todd Kellett continues to show great pace in the EMX250 class (ConwayMX)

EMX250 Time Practice

Mathys Boisrame is attracting more and more attention, as pundits begin to question what would have happened had he stayed healthy. The Frenchman set the fastest time in his qualifying session for the third consecutive week! Morgan Lesiardo was just 0.00.087 down on his time and appears to be gaining pace aboard his Monster Energy KRT MX2 machine. That has occurred at just the right time too, as the pack are rapidly gaining points. All of the riders listed below qualified.

EMX250 Group One: 1st Mathys Boisrame (1:40.654), 2nd Morgan Lesiardo (1:40.741), 3rd Jago Geerts (1:40.843), 4th Filippo Zonta (1:41.646), 5th Tristan Charboneau (1:41.852), 6th Bastian Boegh Damm (1:41.857), 7th Jere Haavisto (1:41.897), 8th Roan Van De Moosdijk (1:42.107), 9th Simone Zecchina (1:42.481), 10th Sander Agard-Michelsen (1:42.513), 11th Ruben Fernandez (1:42.687), 12th Rene De Jong (1:42.823), 13th Joakin Furbetta (1:42.896), 14th Adrien Malaval (1:43.012), 15th Ken Bengtson (1:43.406).

EMX250 Group Two: 1st Nicholas Lapucci (1:40.846), 2nd Simone Furlotti (1:41.827), 3rd Nick Kouwenberg (1:42.171), 4th Mike Stender (1:42.902), 5th Todd Kellett (1:43.039), 6th Alberto Forato (1:43.363), 7th Miro Sihvonen (1:43.505), 8th Jan Pancar (1:44.119), 9th Dylan Walsh (1:44.131), 10th Simeo Ubach (1:44.161), 11th Mahy Villanueva (1:44.484), 12th Tom Koch (1:44.756), 13th Michael Sandner (1:44.848), 14th Marcel Conijn (1:44.918), 15th Roni Kytonen (1:44.943).

EMX250 Last Chance: 1st Marshal Weltin, 2nd Kim Savaste, 3rd Luca Bruggmann, 4th Oriol Casas Cervera, 5th Dovydas Karka, 6th Yuri Quarti, 7th Edoardo Bersanelli, 8th Gianmarco Cenerelli, 9th Nil Bussot, 10th Thomas Martelli.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX

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