Catch Up: Thomas Covington

"I was really surprised."

"I was really surprised."

Thomas Covington has been a revelation in the FIM Motocross World Championship thus far. Covington – a two-time overall winner in MXGP – has managed to unearth raw bursts of speed each week, no matter the conditions. Small issues always stand in his way though and stop him from garnering the results that he deserves.

MX Vice: Speed was there again but, whenever I saw you, you seemed to be fighting your way up from the back. Just talk us through what happened.

Thomas Covington: Actually I was struggling with the track all weekend, from the first practice and warm up on Saturday. I was really surprised with how tight and technical the track was – super steep hills and tight corners. It is my first time here, so it took me the whole weekend to kind of find a rhythm out there. In the motos I felt a lot better, just two dead-last starts did not help things. First moto I was able to come back to eleventh. In the second one my riding was really good, actually. I came back to seventh. Kind of a bummer weekend, but I have just got to forget about it and move onto the next one.

Did you crash off the starts then or just suck off the gate?

The first one I just sucked off the gate. The second one I sucked off the gate too, but then my teammate actually went down in front of me a couple times on the first lap. I was just in the rut behind him and waiting on him to pick up his bike. I guess you could say I crashed on the first lap. A little disappointed, but I have just got to move on and keep working.

Thomas Covington is on the verge of a Grand Prix win on European soil (Husqvarna Motorcycles)

These little things that seem to happen to you, are they frustrating this year? You have got the speed to win each and every time. At Teutschenthal you were far and away the best rider! I am guessing it is kind of frustrating as well, because it is not exactly something you’re doing wrong – you are just kind of in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Yeah, I think a lot of it has to do with the starts. My starts are just really inconsistent. One moto I’ll nearly have the holeshot, then the next moto I’ll be last. I have just got to work on my starts and then I’ll be there every weekend, I think.

Have you got kind of any goals for yourself now? Obviously championship is kind of out the window ever since first couple. I guess winning each week is what you are looking for?

Yeah, pretty much just going for race wins. Trying to put myself in a position to do that. As far as the championship goes, I’m not too worried about it. Not thinking about results much at all in general, just trying to get better every weekend and do my best.

Is there any particular reason why things are clicking for you this year? Obviously, compared to the European rounds last year, you are far and away a better rider.

Yeah, well, last year I think I made a big improvement too. I broke my ankle just after Thailand and then I rode a bunch of them injured with that. Then I ended up breaking my hand in Mexico last year and missed about five rounds. When I came back I was building up and had a few good results at the end, but I think if I would have had the full season I could have done some of the same. It is definitely cool to see some good results coming up. I know I can do it – just got to put it all together and not make any mistakes.

Now that these results are starting to come, are you kind of getting more interest from American teams?

Yeah, for sure. As far as America goes, I have not really decided when I want to go back or if I want to go back. It’s definitely in the back of my head. It’s cool to see the fans and everybody in the pits in America sort of following the GPs a little bit. Now that I’m actually up front on TV every now and then everybody’s keeping up and rooting for me, so that’s pretty cool.

Interview: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Husqvarna Motorcycles

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