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Tomac pulls no punches.

Tomac pulls no punches.

The final round of the Monster Energy Supercross series is always a spectacular affair. The proceedings are typically kicked off with a pre-race press conference and, unsurprisingly, this year was no different. This press conference was a little more interesting though, as Eli Tomac had some intriguing things to say about the way that Marvin Musquin and Ryan Dungey acted in the 450SX main event a week earlier.

At the 41:10 mark in the stream below, Tomac responds to a question that references the fact that Musquin supposedly let Dungey by. "That was tough to see also," he said. "If the championship does come down to those three points [then] that is a bummer for everyone. But, hey, if you want to take it, it is what it is."

You can watch the full pre-race press conference below, just skip to 14:00.

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