FIST join Nitro Circus

Great news for fans.

Great news for fans.

Nitro Circus have been selectively building partnerships with top gear brands that have been approved by our stable of serious athletes. It makes perfect sense: Amazing gear is half the fun when you're an action sports junkie, which is true whether you're a top pro or a weekend warrior. We're pumped to announce a new partnership with FIST Handwear, in that spirit, the makers of fine gloves for FMX, BMX and MTB. As part of the deal, FIST have created a line of Nitro Circus gloves set for wide release.

If you're the observant type, you would have already noticed many of our athletes wearing FIST over the years. We're excited to make the partnership with this innovative company official. The best part is, Nitro fans will be able to rock Nitro-branded FIST gloves as well. They're rolling out now in Australia, so Aussies can head to and snag a pair.

Words: Press Release | Lead Image: Supplied

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