Statement: TM Satellite

Completing the story.

Completing the story.

The situation surrounding the TM Satellite team has now come full circle; Carsten Andersen has now released a public statement. The following bit of text has been released, following the claims that a handful of the riders on the team have made publicly. The Chase brothers, who hail from New Zealand, were first to bring this situation to light, then Krisztian Tompa was the next to release his side of the story.

Without further ado, here is what TM Satellite's Carsten Andersen had to say. "As some of you already read on more media, it has been necessary to stop the team due to health issue and [for] financial reason. There has been released on the media that I have left to Denmark with all the financial [sic] and bike has been stolen in a strange way. It is correct the team got one bike stolen from one of our vans, this was of course handed over to the police in Belgium. 

"The reason why I am in Denmark is my health situation. The first problem with my health I got already [on the] 7th February in Italy, where I ended up at the hospital in Mantova. Following back in Belgium I went to the hospital more times to get the answer of a bad heart situation. This was necessary for me to take seriously. I will later this week undergo operation and hopefully solve the problem.

"This is, of course, a bad situation for the riders and the staff in the team. But, on top of the health situation, we had many problems with the team structure due to the whole set-up etc. How the situation has turned out is, for me, a very bad way. I was working to handle the team on other hands to find the right solution for the riders, but of course this fail after team members started to turn things in this bad way and situation. 

"As it turned out, the only way I could act was to handle [sic] the situation to my lawyer and let him make a solution for the rider. For me, the right way was to find the solution between the team and the rider which fail [sic] completely in this matter. But to make things clear, I have NOT left with the financial [sic], bikes etc. to disappear from anyone. Also one important point to make clear is that Mr. Marco Riccardi/TM Factory had NOTHING to do with this matter."

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX
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