Setback for EMX brothers

An unfortunate turn of events.

An unfortunate turn of events.

The various EMX classes have really become a prestigious commodity, as riders from across the globe travel to compete on the world's biggest stage and show what they can do to the various teams. The Chase brothers, Wyatt and Cohen, are in a similar position, as they have travelled over from New Zealand in an attempt to make a name for themselves.

They have been dealt a crushing blow, however, as the TM Satellite team that they signed a deal with have allegedly left them in a precarious position. Rather than explain the situation to you, we'll just turn this over to a statement that was left on their Facebook page earlier today. "It is with our deepest regret that we have to inform our sponsors, family, friends and followers that our bid to race in Europe is over," they started off by saying. "We as a family have returned to New Zealand and, to be honest, are happy to be back after the rollercoaster that we have just had to ride.

"Bad things happen to good people, we all know that, but the situation we have found ourselves in has certainly rocked our world and smashed the dreams of Wyatt and Cohen racing in Europe this seasonAs most of you know we left for Italy and Belgium at the beginning of January 2017 to train and race with a TM Satellite team that was based in Belgium. Our stint in Italy went ok, but unfortunately things didn't seem to stack up once we hit Belgium.

"Motocross is expensive in any country, so for both Wyatt and Cohen to race in Europe was a huge expense to us which was not something we took on lightly," they continued. "We researched Carsten Anderson of Denmark thoroughly before we handed any money over to take the boys to the top. Seeing he had signed a three-year contract with Marco Ricarrdi, manager of TM Italy, we thought it would be a safe option to sign with him.

"We have tried [to] contact Marco Ricarrdi numerous times to help, but have had not response so far, so for us the TM brand is not one we would recommend. We would have thought TM Italy would have backed us up as we were representing their brand and they took us on with the hope also that we could showcase their brand in the world arena. We still hold hope that they will come to the party, but until that happens we will tell our story.

"It turns out Carsten Anderson is a crook. He led us and other team members to believe that all was well, feeding us untruths. It became apparent that Carsten Anderson was feeding everyone in the team, including mechanics and people that had been employed to help, absolute lies. Our bikes got mysteriously stolen and shortly after he did a runner to his home country of Denmark, along with any money that had been paid to him for 2017 season.

"We now find ourselves in a situation that is unfathomable. Back in NZ, out of pocket and nothing to show for it except absolute sadness and despair that twelve years of racing motocross to reach the top has come to an end because of the dishonesty and absolute disregard of one man.

"We would like to thank everyone involved in supporting us and helping us out when we needed it the most. Your thoughts are a real encouragement to us as a family to help get over what has been a real kick in the guts. We understand worse things can happen and are grateful for our health, but when you are in it and it's happening to you it really feels like your world is crashing down," they concluded.

There has been no statement from TM yet, but one would assume that a reaction to this statement is in the pipeline. In the meantime, we'll do our best to get to the bottom of this scenario and generate another side to this story. We have been able to get in contact with Krisztian Tompa, who was also involved in this scandal.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX

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