Race Control: GP of Trentino

A guide to the fifth round.

A guide to the fifth round.

The extravagant circuit of Pietramurata is alive, as the Grand Prix of Trentino will play host to the fifth FIM Motocross World Championship round this weekend. A return to Europe is a curveball, in a sense, for the average fan, as there are more classes and more riders! That is why our regular ‘Race Control' feature is such a blessing.

Entry Lists

4 Arnaud Tonus
7 Tanel Leok
9 Ken De Dycker
12 Max Nagl
16 Nicola Recchia
17 Jose Butron
19 David Philippaerts
21 Gautier Paulin
22 Kevin Strijbos
24 Shaun Simpson
25 Clement Desalle
27 Arminas Jasikonis
36 Matteo Bonini
45 Jake Nicholls
47 Bryan Boulard
62 Klemen Gercar
71 Damon Graulus
73 Peter Irt
77 Alessandro Lupino
79 Jaap Corneth
84 Jeffrey Herlings
89 Jeremy van Horebeek
92 Valentin Guillod
93 Jonathan Bengtsson
141 Maxime Desprey
151 Harri Kullas
191 Jaromir Romancik
222 Antonio Cairoli
243 Tim Gajser
259 Glenn Coldenhoff
347 Johannes Klein
461 Romain Febvre
777 Evgeny Bobryshev
831 Tomasz Wysocki
878 Stefano Pezzuto
909 Lukas Neurauter
920 Ander Valentin
997 Riccardo Righi
999 Rui Goncalves
Pietramurata will act as the battleground for the fifth MXGP round (Sean Ogden)
6 Benoit Paturel
10 Calvin Vlaanderen
18 Vsevolod Brylyakov
19 Thomas Kjer Olsen
29 Henry Jacobi
33 Julien Lieber
40 Simone Zecchina
41 Pauls Jonass
48 Jay Wilson
57 Darian Sanayei
61 Jorge Prado Garcia
64 Thomas Covington
66 Iker Larranaga Olano
67 Magne Klingsheim
75 Hardi Roosiorg
81 Brian Hsu
83 Nathan Renkens
88 Freek van der Vlist
91 Jeremy Seewer
96 Hunter Lawrence
97 Maykal Grisha Ivanov
107 Lars van Berkel
128 Ivo Monticelli
142 Ivan Petrov
152 Petar Petrov
161 Alvin Ostlund
170 Caleb Ward
172 Brent Van Doninck
189 Brian Bogers
211 Nicholas Lapucci
223 Giuseppe Tropepe
297 Anton Gole
321 Samuele Bernardini
338 David Herbreteau
426 Conrad Mewse
722 Michael Mantovani
747 Michele Cervellin
811 Adam Sterry
919 Ben Watson
Antonio Cairoli desperately needs to steal some points from Tim Gajser (KTM Images)


08:45 EMX250 Group One
09:30 EMX250 Group Two
10:15 WMX Time Practice
11:45 MX2 Free Practice
12:15 MXGP Free Practice
13:55 EMX250 Last Chance
14:30 MX2 Time Practice
15:00 MXGP Time Practice
15:30 WMX Moto One
16:25 MX2 Qualifying Race
17:10 MXGP Qualifying Race
17:55 EMX250 Moto One
A lot of eyes are going to be on Jeffrey Herlings this weekend (KTM Images)


09:45 WMX Moto Two
10:25 MX2 Warm Up
10:45 MXGP Warm Up
11:30 EMX250 Moto Two
13:15 MX2 Moto One
14:15 MXGP Moto Two
16:10 MX2 Moto Two
17:10 MXGP Moto Two
Tim Gajser is the man with all of the momentum currently (Honda Racing Corporation)



1st Tim Gajser 156
2nd Antonio Cairoli 136
3rd Clement Desalle 119
4th Jeremy Van Horebeek 116
5th Gautier Paulin 112
6th Evgeny Bobryshev 111
7th Romain Febvre 89
8th Kevin Strijbos 78
9th Max Nagl 73
10th Shaun Simpson 70


1st Jeremy Seewer 153
2nd Pauls Jonass 145
3rd Benoit Paturel 139
4th Julien Lieber 139
5th Thomas Kjer Olsen 127
6th Brent Van Doninck 102
7th Michele Cervellin 84
8th Thomas Covington 83
9th Vsevolod Brylyakov 81
10th Samuele Bernardini 80
Jeremy Seewer has a very small advantage in the MX2 class (Sean Ogden)


– A return to Europe means that great weather is, unfortunately, not a guarantee. It seems that we'll be able to experience the various different conditions this weekend, as rain is forecast for a lot of Saturday. Sunday, however, should be okay, which is what you really want!

– We are one hour ahead of the United Kingdom here in Italy. We are nine hours ahead of California also, but eight hours behind Sydney. The times listed above are based on the local time, so adjust it accordingly! We wouldn't want you to miss out on the action, would we?

Win a jersey from Tim Gajser on Fox MX Manager this week (Sean Ogden)

– How would you like to win a signed jersey from Tim Gajser? Yes, you read that right. Fox Head Europe are giving that away to the winner of Fox MX Manager this weekend, so you better sign up now. The fantasy game, which is based around the FIM Motocross World Championship for the first time, allows you to be a team manager and sign riders that fit into your large budget.

– How can you watch the action as it happens this year? A comprehensive television guide will be available soon, but MXGP-TV is a great alternative. The online system, which requires you to pay a small fee, also streams the qualifying races each week. It is also worth checking out the MXGP-TV YouTube channel, we believe.

– The full MX Vice team are, of course, present this weekend and ready to provide interviews, updates, photos, videos, interview, opinions and much more! Stay tuned to this very site throughout the weekend. We promise that we will not disappoint.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Sean Ogden

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