Injury Update: Cole Seely

Injury woes for HRC.

Injury woes for HRC.

"I'm so bummed that I'm not able to race tonight," said Cole Seely in a HRC statement during the daytime in Seattle. He was, of course, referring to the fact that a groin injury was going to sideline him during the night programme.

"I first hurt my groin last weekend in St. Louis when I cased the triple in practice and my legs got ripped off the pegs," he continued. "It was bothering me all week but I actually felt okay in the beginning of practice. Unfortunately, when I came into the left turn after the mechanics area and put my foot down, it ripped to the side again and I heard it pop. After that, it was instant pain. I went to the mobile medical unit and they think that it’s the adductor muscle in my groin but we won’t know until I get an MRI."

"I’m really disappointed for Cole and the entire team," said Dan Betley (HRC's team manager). "We’re hoping for the best but we won’t know the severity of the injury until he gets an MRI. We appleciate everyone’s support and will keep our fans posted on his status."

Cole Seely was having an incredibly consistent season, prior to the fourteenth round, as he had only dropped out of the top six once. '14' still sits fourth in the 450SX standings, but is just three points ahead of Jason Anderson.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Honda Racing Corporation

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