Penalised: Chad Reed

The AMA react.

The AMA react.

I am certain that you have all watched the St. Louis main event by now, right? The chances are that you also have an opinion of whether or not Chad Reed was in the right or wrong when he refused to move over for Ryan Dungey.

Dungey spoke out in the post-race press conference, but Reed has not yet released a statement of any kind. The AMA (American Motorcycle Association) have, however, commented on Reed's actions and issued a penalty. "It was determined by the Race Director that Reed failed to follow the direction of the AMA officials indicated by the blue flag. In doing so, rider #22 did impede the faster rider’s progress," a statement on revealed. A fine and penalty was handed out, as a result of that. Reed lost all of the points that he earned with his sixteenth in the 450SX main and also received a $5,000 fine.

Reed, who is currently beaten up following a crash in the first turn in Detroit, will be back on the line in Seattle. Ryan Dungey will be shooting to defend his championship lead, which sits at four points now, at that event.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Monster Energy Media

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