5 Minutes: Jake Curtis-Stevens

Learn more about Jake Curtis-Stevens.

Learn more about Jake Curtis-Stevens.

Jake Curtis-Stevens is a 17-year-old from Redruth in Cornwall. Riding a D.S.C Kawasaki, he has caught the eye of a lot of people at the first few races of the new season. We caught up with him to discuss all of that, as well as learn a little more about him. You can read all of that below, as well as view some of the brilliant images that have been supplied by MPS Images. Thanks to all who help this youth and amateur section come together.

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MX Vice: How has your pre-season gone?

Jake Curtis-stevens: The pre-season has been the best so far, as in previous years I did not get the opportunity to ride a variety of different tracks. For example; Fat Cat, Preston Docks and Dunkirk. On top of that, I did not spend as much time training off the bike as I did this year. 

What’s it been like riding for a team so far this year?

So far I feel like it has really improved my confidence, as I feel like my bike is more reliable. Last year I suffered a few mechanical issues. The team have also made me feel very welcome and helped me in many ways.

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You’ve impressed a few people so far, so how confident are you?

My confidence has been boosted this year by people congratulating and complimenting my riding. This has made my mindset more positive and makes me realize I am capable.

What series are you doing?

This year I am taking part in the Maxxis British Championship and the South West Premier.

Is there anyone you would like to thank for their help throughout the last six months?

I would like to thank, D.S.C Cornwall Kawasaki and all their sponsors, Greenacre, Nan and Paps, the rest of my family and my girlfriend. I couldn't do it without the help and support you have all given me so far.

Interview: Matt Singer | Images: MPS Images

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