Race Control: Daytona

Everything that you, the fans, need.

Everything that you, the fans, need.

Another week, another Monster Energy Supercross round. This one is slightly different though! Daytona is a unique beast, hence why it is important that you are prepared for round ten of seventeen. Everything that you could possibly need is in our regular ‘Race Control' feature.

Entry Lists


16 Zach Osborne
17 Joey Savatgy
26 Alex Martin
36 Adam Cianciarulo
39 Colt Nichols
40 Fredrik Noren
42 Kyle Cunningham
44 Jordon Smith
45 Mitchell Harrison
48 Christian Craig
49 Anthony Rodriguez
50 Luke Renzland
54 Gannon Audette
62 Jesse Wentland
65 Paul Coates
70 Dakota Alix
72 Cole Thompson
81 Henry Miller
88 John Short
93 Joshua Cartwright
98 Matt Babbitt
108 Dylan Ferrandis
128 Cameron McAdoo
170 Zack Williams
183 Lorenzo Locurcio
236 Mike Bottolfson
248 Travis Delnicki
256 James Milson
285 Tony Archer
309 Jeremy Smith
313 Kyle Swanson
336 Chaz Braden
351 Eric Grondahl
357 Josh Hernandez
392 Michael Fowler
400 Nick Peterson
522 Cole Zitterkopf
530 Brodie Wood
558 Jerry Robin
559 Dylan Merriam
603 Patrick Delowery
619 Mark Weishaar
641 Keith Tucker
675 Kyle Dillin
677 Cody Williams
692 Brett McLaud
703 Justin Rando
740 Lane Staley
746 Chase Stevenson
795 Aaron Leininger
814 Deven Sorensen
878 Eric McKay
908 Uli Stocker
914 Brice Klippel
931 Gradie Featherstone
Zach Osborne is shooting for his third main event win in a row (Husqvarna Images)


1 Ryan Dungey
3 Eli Tomac
4 Blake Baggett
6 Jeremy Martin
10 Justin Brayton
11 Kyle Chisholm
12 Jake Weimer
14 Cole Seely
15 Dean Wilson
18 Davi Millsaps
19 Justin Bogle
20 Broc Tickle
21 Jason Anderson
22 Chad Reed
25 Marvin Musquin
33 Josh Grant
41 Trey Canard
47 Malcolm Stewart
51 Justin Barcia
61 Vince Friese
67 Jimmy Albertson
71 Justin Starling
75 Nick Schmidt
76 Scott Champion
80 Cade Clason
95 AJ Catanzaro
151 Dakota Tedder
178 Ronnie Ford
181 Dustin Pipes
240 Bryce Stewart
253 Aaron Smith
282 Theodore Pauli
291 Kyle White
308 Nicholas Jackson
314 Alex Ray
374 Cody Gilmore
389 Davey Sterritt
411 Dylan Walker
509 Alexander Nagy
556 Brady Kiesel
606 Ronnie Stewart
608 David Pulley
615 Logan Marzahn
708 Joe Perron
713 Chad Cook
722 Adam Enticknap
723 Tyler Enticknap
760 Tyler Wozney
800 Mike Alessi
862 Ozzy Barbaree
918 Michael Akaydin
976 Josh Greco
Ryan Dungey is sat on an impressive advantage in the premier class (KTM Images)



12:00 250SX Group C Free Practice
12:10 250SX Group B Free Practice
12:20 250SX Group A Free Practice
12:30 450SX Group A Free Practice
12:40 450SX Group B Free Practice
12:50 450SX Group C Free Practice
13:00 250SX Group C Qualifying
13:15 250SX Group B Qualifying
13:30 250SX Group A Qualifying
13:45 450SX Group A Qualifying
14:00 450SX Group B Qualifying
14:15 450SX Group C Qualifying
15:10 250SX Group C Qualifying
15:25 250SX Group B Qualifying
15:40 250SX Group A Qualifying
15:55 450SX Group A Qualifying
16:10 450SX Group B Qualifying
16:25 450SX Group C Qualifying


19:06 250SX Heat One
19:25 250SX Heat Two
19:41 450SX Heat One
19:59 450SX Heat Two
20:23 250SX Last Chance
20:34 450SX Semi One
20:46 450SX Semi Two
21:05 450SX Last Chance
21:21 250SX Main Event
22:00 450SX Main Event
Can Eli Tomac, who won Daytona a year ago, continue to close in (Monster Energy Media)

Current Standings


1st Ryan Dungey 196
2nd Eli Tomac 172
3rd Marvin Musquin 157
4th Cole Seely 153
5th Jason Anderson 123
6th Davi Millsaps 112
7th Chad Reed 101
8th Blake Baggett 99
9th Dean Wilson 97
10th Broc Tickle 96


1st Zach Osborne 70
2nd Joey Savatgy 58
3rd Jordon Smith 52
4th Adam Cianciarulo 52
5th Colt Nichols 49
6th Kyle Peters 37
7th RJ Hampshire 36
8th Dylan Ferrandis 34
9th Luke Renzland 31
10th Alex Martin 29
An illness hindered Marvin Musquin at the previous fixture in Toronto (KTM Images)


– Remember that crazy Daytona mudder that took place back in 2008? Well, there is no need to worry about the weather this weekend. There isn't supposed to be a cloud in the sky! The forecast does not look as promising for the Ricky Carmichael Daytona Amateur Supercross, however, which is set to take place on Sunday.

– The extremely popular Race Day Live show will not be on this weekend, as Daytona is not run by Feld Motorsports. The international pay-per-view stream, which runs through the night show, will still play as usual though. If you live outside of the United States or Canada, then this is the link that you need for that. The stream will begin at midnight here in the UK.

– The timetable above will be irrelevant if you ignore this bullet point. The times are based on local time, so adjust them accordingly. Those in Daytona are five hours behind the United Kingdom and six hours behind mainland Europe. They are three hours ahead of California though!

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: KTM/Simon Cudby

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