Injury List: GP of Qatar

One rider falls to the wayside.

One rider falls to the wayside.

It is, unfortunately, inevitable that injuries will strike each year. That element threatened to rob us of two title contenders, but thankfully Jeffrey Herlings and Pauls Jonass will contest the opener. Tommy Searle, on the other hand, will have to wait a couple of months until he rolls onto a track for the first time.

In for the GP of Qatar.

Jeffrey Herlings: Jeffrey Herlings has certainly had a turbulent month. The Dutchman, who is set to make his MXGP debut this weekend, initially stretched a tendon in his wrist at the end of January and then crashed in a spectacular fashion in Italy a little over a week ago. The latter was a costly mistake, as he ended up with a a fractured fourth metacarpus. Herlings will race this weekend, but he has made it seem as though he is simply looking to get points on the board. 

Pauls Jonass: Pauls Jonass has created quite the highlight reel with all of the crashes that he has had in the last two years. Another large mistake at LaCapelle Marival, a French race, left him with a minor concussion. The Latvian rode again for the first time earlier this week and will race this weekend.

Out of the GP of Qatar.

Tommy Searle: Oh, Tommy Searle! The Monster Energy DRT Kawasaki rider desperately needed a strong start to the season, but a knee injury will keep him on the sidelines through the first four rounds. Pietramurata is the earliest that we will see ‘100’ and, yes, that means he'll miss the first Maxxis British Championship round.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX

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