Race Control: GP of Qatar

Everything that you, the fans, need.

Everything that you, the fans, need.

Following months of speculation, the first round of the FIM Motocross World Championship is finally here! The Grand Prix of Qatar is a little unorthodox, as the event takes place at night on Friday and Saturday, which may make it a little harder for you to follow. Do not freak out though, because we are going to guide you through the weekend with our regular ‘Race Control’ feature. Everything that you need for round one of nineteen is below.

Entry Lists


4 Arnaud Tonus
7 Tanel Leok
12 Max Nagl
17 Jose Butron
21 Gautier Paulin
22 Kevin Strjibos
24 Shaun Simpson
25 Clement Desalle
27 Arminas Jasikonis
45 Jake Nicholls
50 Hassan Nooraldeen
77 Alessandro Lupino
79 Jaap Corneth
84 Jeffrey Herlings
89 Jeremy Van Horebeek
92 Valentin Guillod
99 Max Anstie
222 Antonio Cairoli
243 Tim Gajser
259 Glenn Coldenhoff
461 Romain Febvre
777 Evgeny Bobryshev
868 Michael Docherty
911 Jordi Tixier
999 Rui Goncalves
Jeffrey Herlings admits that he may not be able to race on Saturday (ConwayMX)


6 Benoit Paturel
10 Calvin Vlaanderen
18 Vsevolod Brylyakov
19 Thomas Kjer Olsen
28 Chihiro Notsuka
33 Julien Lieber
41 Pauls Jonass
46 Davy Pootjes
48 Jay Wilson
57 Darian Sanayei
61 Jorge Prado
64 Thomas Covington
66 Iker Larranaga Olano
67 Magne Klingsheim
91 Jeremy Seewer
96 Hunter Lawrence
98 Bas Vaessen
118 Stephen Rubini
128 Ivo Monticelli
142 Ivan Petrov
152 Petar Petrov
161 Alvin Ostlund
170 Caleb Ward
172 Brent Van Doninck
189 Brian Bogers
297 Anton Gole
321 Samuele Bernardini
426 Conrad Mewse
747 Michele Cervellin
811 Adam Sterry
919 Ben Watson



15:15 MX2 Free Practice
15:45 MXGP Free Practice
17:15 MX2 Time Practice
18:00 MXGP Time Practice
20:00 MX2 Qualifying Race
20:50 MXGP Qualifying Race
Following consistent rainfall, the sun will emerge for round one (ConwayMX)


14:30 MX2 Warm Up
15:00 MXGP Warm Up
17:15 MX2 Race One
18:15 MXGP Race Two
20:10 MX2 Race Two
21:10 MXGP Race Two

Previous Standings


1st Tim Gajser 731
2nd Antonio Cairoli 647
3rd Max Nagl 603
4th Romain Febvre 564
5th Evgeny Bobryshev 545
6th Jeremy Van Horebeek 536
7th Glenn Coldenhoff 406
8th Clement Desalle 372
9th Valentin Guillod 352
10th Shaun Simpson 343
The metal mesh will be used for the first time this weekend (ConwayMX)


1st Jeffrey Herlings 739
2nd Jeremy Seewer 625
3rd Benoit Paturel 512
4th Max Anstie 504
5th Pauls Jonass 403
6th Brian Bogers 398
7th Dylan Ferrandis 378
8th Samuele Bernardini 377
9th Petar Petrov 351
10th Aleksandr Tonkov 320


– Where in the world is Qatar? That question has undoubtedly been asked a handful of times, but we are in the Middle East and three hours ahead of the United Kingdom. That means that we are two hours in front of mainland Europe and eleven ahead of Southern California. The timetable above is based on local time, so adjust it accordingly.

Honda HRC have pulled out all the stops with their pit presence (ConwayMX)

– Seeing as the Losail International Circuit is located in the desert, one would presume that we will be basking in glorious sunshine. We have narrowly escaped some rain, however, which has hit the region in recent weeks. Thankfully conditions will be dry and quite warm across the two days of racing.

– Who is going to be a threat for the respective titles this year? Our editor, Lewis Phillips, ran through all of that in our previews earlier this week. You’ll find the piece where we dissect the MXGP class here, then some statistics that revolve around the 250F division on this link.

– You, the fans, can feel more immersed in the action this year, thanks to Fox MX Manager. The fantasy game, which is based around the FIM Motocross World Championship for the first time, allows you to be a team manager and sign riders that fit into your large budget. Great prizes are available at each stop, like signed jerseys and tickets to the Motocross of Nations! You will also find a guide to the game here.

– How can you watch the action as it happens this year? A comprehensive television guide is here, but MXGP-TV is a great alternative. The online system, which requires you to pay a small fee, also streams the qualifying races each week! If neither of those options work for you, just follow our live updates across the weekend.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX

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