Introduction: Fox MX Manager

FOX offer countless prizes.

FOX offer countless prizes.

MX Vice are ecstatic to announce that 2017 will see MX Manager on the world stage for the first time, after the game was recreated by CTO Leroy Kirby in the off-season. This year we will be partnering with Fox, who will sponsor every MX Manager game and provide some amazing prizes at each round and for the overall championship.

The game is based on the Motocross World Championship and enables both hardcore fans and the casual observer to put their knowledge to good use and attempt to show just how well they could run a team. Users a budget of one-million-and-two-hundred-thousand euros to spend on up to four riders in two classes. They even have the option to choose a manufacturer or team! The person who accumulates the most points will claim the round prize, with further prizes being handed out for second and third. Some amazing collectables, in the form of signed shirts and number plates from Fox riders, will be up for grabs too. Even if you don’t finish in the top three, you will still have a shot at winning an incredible prize!

The game will span across all eighteen rounds, with points being tallied up each week and added to a championship total. The winner will be presented with a trophy at the Motocross of Nations and provided with a Fox fan experience, as well as a full set of head-to-toe gear that is valued at one thousand and five hundred dollars and the opportunity to meet the Fox stars!

Johann Bondu (EMEA Marketing Director of Fox): "We’re really excited to be a part of this first ever Motocross World Championship Fantasy Manager. We at FOX are always striving to bring something new and unique for the fans and aim at providing an enduring experience offline and online. We believe FOX MX Fantasy Manager will be a game changer in the MX digital world and that the fan experience will be exceptional."

James Burfield (Founder of MX Vice): "It has taken a real team effort to get this off the ground, with everyone at MX Vice contributing to make this happen. We first tried MX Manager back in 2012, but the current version under CTO Leroy Kirby has everyone excited! FOX have really invested into MX Manager, as they clearly see the potential in what we do. It’s great to have them on board for the long term."

Words: Press Release | Lead Image: Honda Racing Corporation

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