Roczen undergos eighth surgery

Ken Roczen provides yet another update.

Ken Roczen provides yet another update.

Ken Roczen is one of the few riders in the paddock who have mastered social media. Although he is down and out, the German is constantly engaging with fans and allowing some insight into the various hurdles that he has to overcome. Not all posts are positive, however, as the most recent one (posted on the day following Minneapolis) offers up a look at a painful eighth surgery. That was supposed to be his final surgery, but he now has another one lined up as things were not as they initially seemed.

You'll find Ken Roczen's post below with all of the details. A recovery time has not yet been identified, but it seems like the chances of him returning at all this year are now quite slim. Honda HRC are marching on with Cole Seely, meanwhile, who finished fifth in Minneapolis on Saturday night.

Went in for surgery #8 yesterday and the pain afterwards was absolutely miserable that anybody that looked at me I wanted to punch in the face, even my woman. Lol (sarcastically) Doc said it was a very difficult and challenging surgery because everything was so damaged. ( I never half ass things) haha and couldn't get it all done at once:-( Again, i believe in what he does and to be able to come back good I rather follow his lead and take our time. Having another surgery on Wednesday and I hope that ll be it. Might have to keep the exfix in for a few weeks and will have to get that taken out later too. 😤 #gritforglory Period. You can throw as meny rocks in my way as you want. My dad didn't raise a pussy 🖕🏽to the end injury

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