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Wilson's going racing!

Wilson's going racing!

We’ve gone on and on about the 450SX riders who don’t have rides coming into 2017. Heck, I’ve written and talked about the 250SX class and how, in my humble opinion, that’s where the problems for these unemployed riders lay.

Enough about that for now, let’s talk about one of these guys and what he’s going to do. That’s Dean Wilson. A past 250MX national title winner and the winningest 250SX rider of all-time who never won a title, Wilson’s had a couple of rough injury-plagued years at Red Bull KTM and finds himself homeless for now.

We had him on the Pulpmx Show a couple of weeks ago and he explained that Yamaha’s Keith McCarty gave him a YZ450F to practice on and was trying to work out a deal for him somewhere on blue. The official Yamaha race team PR dropped the other day and there was no mention of Dean anywhere on that, then I heard that he may be looking for mechanics for the upcoming SX season.

Wilson has completed five 450SX mains since he moved to the class full-time (KTM/Simon Cudby)

There were a few rumors going around about Wilson, one was that he would move to Star Yamaha for 450SX and then, when Chad Reed’s SX series ends, he’ll move over to the official Monster Yamaha team alongside Cooper Webb. Then I had heard that McCarty was doing everything he could to get Wilson into the factory truck full-time to make it a three-man team.

Looks like both of those plans aren’t coming together for now, at least not officially. Wilson will be at Anaheim on a Yamaha with some help from the blue crew but he won’t be under a tent. I guess he’ll be privateering it and maybe this is Yamaha’s way of doing the JGR “fill-in" ride without having to really invest in anything other than a bike and some parts for Wilson.

Look, supercross is dangerous—we know this so there’s bound to be something opening up for Wilson at some point. Whether it’s with a Yamaha team or not remains to be seen but, for Wilson, he gets to have some support to go racing and Yamaha have a very fast rider on their bike that can move right on over to the factory team, a Cycle Trader team or whatever.

Super weird time in the sport over here people, when riders like Wilson and Stewart don’t have rides, but it is what it is at this point. The worst thing any of these guys can do is whine about it and sit on the couch, no one’s going to pick that guy over someone out there racing. Grab a bike, do a bit of testing and head out to the west coast rounds boys; there’s bound to be something out there for you after a few weeks. Dean Wilson is banking heavily on that fact.

Words: Steve Matthes | Lead Image: KTM/Ray Archer

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