Ask MX Vice: Volume #1

We'll now open it up to the floor.

We'll now open it up to the floor.

After travelling to every MXGP and Maxxis British Championship race, as well as six Monster Energy Supercross rounds, we have picked up a bit of insight. That's why we thought we would open things up with this new feature! If you have something on your mind and want to be featured here, email or get in contact via social media.

“Are James and Malcolm [Stewart] on the same team for the supercross season?" asked @Brad7Harrington on Twitter. Steve Milne asked, “What are Bubba and Mookie doing for bikes?" on Facebook also.

Nothing is confirmed about the Stewart brothers, but it seems that they are eager to stay together. Our American correspondent, Steve Matthes, confirmed that in his column last week, but it isn't a done deal. A source confirmed to us that they would be starting their own team on Yamaha before the initial videos even surfaced, but I certainly would not stamp that.

If they were to end up on the same team, it obviously would not have to be their own. This Cycle Trader Rock River Yamaha rumour has not really developed, but it hasn't exactly gone away either. Is it far fetched, seeing as they already have three riders beneath their awning? Perhaps. There were rumours of the Stewart brothers trying to work out a deal with Geico, however, which would see them run a second truck. Perhaps the same idea is at play here? It now seems that they'll end up on Yamaha, but that could change so quickly. – @_LewisPhillips

Will James Stewart end his career on a Yamaha (Mike Vizer)

“Any rumours about J-Tech, 24MX and Keeno?" asked @Ryan1Air on Twitter.

The 24MX and J-Tech teams are perplexing. Initial rumours suggested that the 24MX team would be going away, but now it sounds like they are going to run a team of some kind. Damon Graulus and Milko Potisek appear to be the favourites to land on that squad. I'd say you can stamp that.

The J-Tech team were supposed to take a year out, but now they have formed a Suzuki effort. Emil Weckman will be on one in EMX250 and Giuseppe Tropepe has been linked to a seat, but apart from that it has all been a bit quiet. The team have made no announcement nor have they even confirmed that they will be switching to Suzuki, which makes me question the level of support that they will have.

Keeping with the Suzuki theme, it sounds like Ken De Dycker could end up ‘yellow’ in Britain. Nothing is confirmed at this stage though and he is obviously looking for a seat in MXGP, but that seems highly unlikely. De Dycker did mention that he is interested in forming his own effort, then jumping into a fill-in role if it becomes available. – @_LewisPhillips

How about the KTM team split for #84 and #222? [Will they have] the same bike?" asked @MarkBisselink.

There really is not much of a difference. From what we understand, Jeffrey Herlings just felt more comfortable beneath that awning rather than on a squad that has revolved around Antonio Cairoli for so long. The two have been at the same test tracks recently and operate from the same ‘Red Bull KTM’ umbrella, so there really will not be much of a difference. If anything, it will just eliminate the headache of a brewing rivalry and accusations that a team manager is favouring one rider over the other. – @_LewisPhillips

Who's going to be riding [for] HRC [in] MX2?" asked @JosephDonnelly3 on Twitter.

Look, we cannot say what we have heard at this stage as nothing has been confirmed. I would expect a rider who rode a Honda in MX2 all season and another who was involved in perhaps the most controversial incident this year to land there. There will be an announcement soon. – @_LewisPhillips

“With no British GP this coming year, what GP would be the best alternative to attend?" asks @Werdna49.

It is quite cool to experience a flyaway, if money is not an issue, but that is obviously a big commitment for any European fan. I have been to Uddevalla once and thought it was awesome, so I feel that is an underrated Grand Prix. There was Go Karting at the track, which was open all weekend and good for a laugh, and quite a lot to do in the area. The weather should be good, seeing as the race will be held in August, and viewing is great as you can get up on those rocks. – @_LewisPhillips

Dean Wilson is also in line for a ‘blue' future (ConwayMX)

“Evening chaps, what’s happening with Dean Wilson?" asked @ShaunBace on Twitter.

This is a bit of a weird one. Dean has openly admitted that he does not have a contract with Yamaha, but they did give him the bike he is riding at the moment. They clearly have some intention of signing him up! The last we heard was that he would contest the 450SX class on a Star Racing Yamaha, then switch over to the factory tent for the outdoors. There would be room for him to do that, you see, as there would only be two 250SX riders beneath the Star Racing tent at each supercross and then Chad Reed will obviously step to the side in May. – @_LewisPhillips

“Any extra factory support for Tommy Searle and the Dixon Racing Team?" asked @Rynner8 on Twitter.

That is all up in the air at the moment, as far as we know. Searle seems confident that the various mechanical failures that he encountered this year will not occur again in the future, as you have to think the team have learnt from their mistakes. When the level of support is confirmed and official, we’ll pass the news on. – @_LewisPhillips

When is Lieber going to return to racing?" asked Neils van Amerongen on Facebook.

At least someone is talking about the forgotten man in MX2! Julien Lieber was actually quite impressive in 2015, but has obviously dropped off the radar massively in the last year. The Belgian has been back on a bike for around seven weeks now, so is busy getting ready for his final year in MX2. I do not see him ending up at HRC like some predicted and, other than that, there is not much out there. Perhaps that J-Tech effort could bring him in for a low price? – @_LewisPhillips

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