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6 MXDN Tickets up for grabs! 1 Night Only!

Thats right, for one night only we have got our hands on 6 tickets to give away. Its easy to win, we are going to pick 6 randoms from the participants of our competition.

What you need to do..

1) Sign up to MX Vice as a member if you haven’t done already

2) Once signed up, introduce yourself here

3) Get over to our facebook page and give us a like here:

Last thing is to comment in this box with your prediction for the top 3 teams!

Thats it easy peasey.. Winners will be emailed through there Membership details on the site.

Good luck!



  1. valerie Post author

    Well beside the Brits on the podium I would like to see the New Zealand – why ??? I am simply a Josh Coppins fan and want him to do well .
    So British USA and New Zealand

  2. t1m180

    1st – GB (hope so much) 2nd Belgium 3rd USA that’s what I’d like to happen…..I will have tje biggest flag and pole combo over there so a few ticket would be awesome…..I taking flag bearing to a new level

  3. TOG Post author

    Its anybodys race in the deep mud of Lummoml, Estonia seem to be favourites, in my opinion… runners up likely to be China and third will almost certainly go to the Welsh. Watch out for the outsiders from the United States of America though they may pull off another freak win!!!

  4. harrikullas151 Post author

    Usa is strong as always. But this year we have deep sand so I think it will be mixed and I hope some good action! I guess Germany and Holland are also strong teams which can win!
    Personally I think podium will consist of those 3 nations.
    Of course there’s good riders in Italy, France and Great Britain teams..

  5. chas96 Post author

    Hmm, tough question, but here’s hoping, 1/ team gb , 2/holland, 3/Belgium , USA 5th and a large slice of humble pie!

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