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5 Minutes with: Ken de Dycker

The Belgian team has been desperate to stand atop the podium at the Motocross des Nations in recent years, as before this weekend they hadn’t won since Lierop, in 2004. When the team of Ken de Dycker, Jeremy van Horebeek and Clement Desalle was announced a handful of weeks ago, they immediately seemed to be the most likely candidates to beat the USA – they did just that in Germany this past weekend. Following the race, we tracked down the man of the moment, Ken de Dycker, to talk about his heroic ride in the final moto of the day.

Ken de Dycker has really returned to the limelight this year, as he has managed to win a handful of motos in the FIM Motocross World Championship, and of course he now has the title of Motocross des Nations winner to his name. However, it hasn’t been all easy for him, as he revealed to me that he has been dealing with an injury all year long.

MX Vice: Ken de Dycker, congratulations on the team victory, how did the weekend go from your viewpoint?

De Dycker: “Yeah, it was quite a big race with many spectators. So, it’s nice to be here, and  to win it is even better! So, yeah, it’s good!”

MX Vice: You have obviously had a lot of success at this track in the past . So, did that boost your confidence going into the weekend?

De Dycker: “No, not really, as they changed it a lot. Also, we have never seen the bumps and ruts like this. So, it was tough to adjust to it. But, it was good – the second moto was better than the first.”

MX Vice: Did you prefer those track changes?

De Dycker: “Yeah, it’s a little bit slower. But, it’s also quite fast, and they didn’t flatten the bumps and ruts over the two days, they left it as it is. So, that’s good, as well.”

MX Vice: In that final moto, did you know what the points situation was? Did you know Clement [Desalle] was out?

De Dycker: “No, I did not know anything. I was looking over sometimes, and hearing the sound maker [announcer] to see if he was saying anything. But, no, I didn’t hear anything.”

MX Vice: So, as a rider, what does it mean to you to win the Motocross des Nations?

De Dycker: “Yeah, it is quite special for the team. It’s great to win a really big event like this, and it’s really something completely different to anything else in life.” 

MX Vice: What’s next for you? Are you doing the Red Bull ‘Give Me Five’ event in Spain next weekend?

De Dycker: “No, it’s only Toni [Cairoli] that is going there. I’m just doing one Supermoto race in two weeks time, and then I’m having an operation on my knee. After that, I’ll begin getting ready for the next season.”

MX Vice: What are you getting fixed on your knee?

De Dycker: “I have a bone that is a little bit incorrect. So, they need to see if it’s need correcting and stuff like that.”

MX Vice: So, has that problem been giving you issues all year?

De Dycker: “I’ve had it since February. But, it’s only when I do too much running or training that I get an infection on it. So, I just kept cycling and it is no problem.”

Interview by Lewis Phillips

Image courtesy of KTM Images/Ray Archer

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