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5 Minutes with: Ben Burridge

Ben Burridge is 16-years-old, he’s from Condor Park in Nottingham. Last year he did the Arenacross, British Youth Nationals & Pirelli British Masters. We had a chat with him and asked him a few questions…



Andy Fed

MX Vice: How was last year for you?

Ben Burridge: Last year was okay… It could have been a lot better!

You’re doing Arenacross, how was the first round for you?

Yeah, the first round started off pretty rough for me but as soon as i started to get a little more comfortable and now very excited for round 2 this weekend.

What results would you be happy with at Arenacross?

I would be happy with top 7 at Arenacross because this year has really been stacked there is no slow riders everybody’s not far off the pace.



Andy Fed

Do you ride much during the week?

I don’t ride at all in the week, maybe a few times in the summer before I had a job. Now working full time so that has took over! As much as I wish to ride in the week I just can’t get it done.

Is there anyone you would like to thank for the help throughout the last 12 months?

Throughout the last 12 months I’d like to thank, my family, friends, Jack from the Asylum Skatepark, Moto Shack, it was pretty tough not having much sponsors but thank you to all the people that did help it means a lot also massive thank you to my grandma for thinking a lot of me and giving as much as possible to get me to the top, I hope for many better solid results and championships in 2017! Any support would be greatly appreciated, thanks everyone.

If you want to follow Ben’s progress his Instagram is @b.bullet_22



Andy Fed

Interview: @MattSinger | Photos: Andy Fed

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