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5 mins with Gordon Crockard

One of the nicest guys in the pits, I was lucky enough to share a coffee with Gordon in Cherry Tree Mall in Denver in 2010, after his Des Nations heroics for Ireland. We had a little chat to Gordy about 2011 and whats the plan going forward for 2012..

How do you feel 2011 season went?

2011 went bad for me. I was dissappointed with my track speed and overall results. I tried so hard to improve and took alot of energy out of myself in doing so. I felt low on motivation after the point of the season where I believed I had tried everything.
Highlights of 2011 season?

The highlight for me in 2011 was taking victory at the Brian Bell Memorial mx over Jonathon Barragan , Mickeal Pichon, Nicolas Aubin and other foregin Grand Prix riders. I would have to say I was proud of my results that day. In terms of enjoyment, without doubt I was at level 10 during the Evo races at the Vets Des Nations at Farleigh Castle. Battling with Jeff Stanton on CR500’s is the stuff dreams are made of.

Anything you would change about this year?

Changes I would made for this year are clear in my mind. Unfortunately I found it harder than I expected to get the results I believed I could get on the RMZ450. I experienced some heavy crashes which left me injured and without confidence. The changes that I could have made are not open for public discussion in the media. This is a hypothetical speaking question and in actual fact I didn’t have any other option other than the route I took. It was either sit at home, or take the road I did. If I was only faced with those two choices, then I wouldn’t change the choice I made.

What are your plans for 2012?

2012 plans are currently being considered. I have a Kawasaki 450 sponsored to me from Norman Watt Motorcycles and will contest the British Supercross Championship on that bike. I would like to race the British Motocross Championship and Red Bull’s and Master’s, however, for that to happen I need to secure sponsorship to make it happen. Finance needs to be raised to pay entry fee’s, diesel costs, ferry crossings and bike maintainance. I am in Australia at the moment racing their Supercross series. The team I am riding for here are in a position to keep me here to race motocross for them in 2012. I am considering that and awaiting the details of the offer to complete.

Cheers, Gordy.

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