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5 mins with Elliott Banks-Browne

Coming off the back of a great season we chat to Elliot about how he thought it went and plans for 2012.
How do you feel 2011 season went?

My season went great really, i achieved all my goals i wanted too which was top 3 in Maxxis, Red Bull champion and placing a top 10 in a GP.  I was very pleased to have accomplished all of them

Highlights of 2011 season?

Winning the Red Bull championship and finishing 9th in France at the GP in moto 1 that was pretty cool to show the GP guys that i had the speed to run with them.

Anything you would change about this year?

I suppose i would have changed braking my wrist but things like that happen, but i truly think that i would of got a moto win in the Maxxis if i hadn’t.  I was feeling so confident on the bike at that stage of the season and at Duns i rode great in moto one and was really up for it going into moto two, so if i could of changed anything it would of been that.
What are your plans for 2012? Same Team, Brit and GP Races?

The same team for next year which could possibly be having a name change and being re-branded, but as of yet its not 100 percent confirmed. I will be racing the Maxxis and the Red Bull championships in 2012 plus selected GP’s, hopefully about 6-7 of them.  I would also like to try out a race in the Belgium or dutch championship.

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