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5 mins with Bryan Mackenzie

How do you feel 2011 season went?

This year was awesome for me, by far my best season to date. I achieved my best results all round and i was pumped to be in a position to battle for podiums at every race, That in itself is really cool.

Highlights of 2011 season?

Winning the final round of the Red Bull Pro Nationals was a really good way to end that series and to back that up the next weekend with a 2nd overall at the final British Championship were my 2 favourite weekends. The British at Duns would of been the highlight of the year for me as i had a really strong day riding in front of my family and friends all day but a bike malfunction in the 2nd moto killed off my hopes for the podium….
I generally just enjoyed being in the thick of it this year as well as any standout finishes. There were a bunch of us who just battled it out all year and we had some pretty intense races with no questionable moves or anything that i can think of so just to be apart of all that was pretty cool.

Anything you would change about this year?

Nah nothing really. Obviously if i could of prevented the DNF’s this year then i would of as that would of really boosted points for the end of the year which could of moved us up a position, but apart from that the team, the bike, the resutls, everything was A-ok!

What are your plans for 2012?

Well i’m changing teams but keeping the same ‘internal’ team that i’ve always had. Same mechanic, helper, friends, girlfriend, dad……so as much as my boss and bikes are changing, everything else around me is the same so i’m looking to improve on this year, again. I don’t want to forecast anything to specifically but to improve on this season there aren’t many more numbers above where i finished in this years championship.

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