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5 mins with Alex Snow

How do you feel the 2011 season went?

Yeah it went well, I was really happy with it, results went well, best of career and also scored some GP points, overall really happy.

Highlights of 2011

Winning the patchquick trophy felt good (Alex beat Ando overall and the fans witnessed some fantastic racing), fox hills I tied for 3rd overall but just missed out on the podium. Riding in the German GP and grabbing an18th place was also a good result. I felt that my riding took a step forward.

So Foxhills was good for you?

Yeah not a track I usually get on well with, a lack of confidence, i always felt tense and crashed, but after speaking to someone I felt more confident and the day went really well. Up to this year Foxhill has never been kind.

Anything you would change?

couple of little things, the yeah at lanes done a good job and i enjoyed the experience. i would change my decision on doing some of the smaller meetings, I was doing them for the wrong reasons with prize money in mind and had a couple of small crashes that didn’t help, trying to recover in time for the bigger races was difficult.

Its hard trying to balance money and racing?

Yeah exactly but winning a couple of hundred pounds and then having to miss a couple of the big races is never worth it.

So plans for 2012? I heard you had a deal?

Yeah I had a deal with PAR which I sorted before my holiday, but when I got back the agreement I had made changed due to financial reasons. So the original deal was off the table.
Im talking to a couple of team and you will hear an answer very soon! No option with my former team so it will be a new one!

What sponsors do you have?

One industries, I have a great relationship with them and they have supported me for a number of years, CTI also support me.

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