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4Four Blog: Elliott Banks-Browne

What’s up guys and girls! Firstly, I need to say thanks to MX Vice for giving me a blog. I’m really excited to be working with them, as the site and everything is really starting to blow up now. I hope we can give you some good content to read and view.

So, what has been happening? Well, since last year, a fair bit. I had the opportunity to get my own track built. A guy called Tony Mcaleer gave me full rein on his land, which is just awesome, and with the help of my good friend (and GP track builder) Justin Barclay, we formed two of the sickest tracks I have ever ridden! We have a full size motocross track, with some big jumps and a SX track for some summer fun all landscaped, and ready to abuse! We call it Compound 44!

What else is new? I have got a new trainer, Adam Prescott – the guy is an animal! He really pushed me to my limits this winter, and got me fitter and stronger than ever. I’ve got a new training partner, also, which has really helped me to push a bit harder. Lewis Tombs has come onboard, and got on the program. I’m excited to see what he can do this year – I think he could surprise some people!

What do you guys think about doing some training videos? I mean some real in depth videos to show you some proper workouts that are specifically designed for motocross to help you out on-track. If you think it will benefit you let me know on Facebook (EBanksBrowne) or Twitter (@EBanksBrowne) and I’ll get working on it with Adam!

I should really talk about some riding, shouldn’t I? You guys might get bored, and never read my blogs again! So, I love my new bike – the 450f is awesome! The team is tip top, my mechanic Ryan is a legend; we have a lot of fun together, and get on great. Of course, Dave Thorpe is a legend too!

I have only been out a few times with DT, but the few times I have, I have learnt a lot. He doesn’t say much to me about my riding, but when he does it really helps. I am really looking forward to working with the team this year. We all get on so well, and we have a great atmosphere in the team, which I like a lot. I do best when I’m happy and relaxed, and that is how I feel right now.

Until the next time, ride hard and keep it rubber side up!

EBB #44

What’s new?

My blog, that’s new! I know in the past I have been a bit slack with my blog, but I am going to get on it and keep all of you guys up to date with what’s going down throughout the year, whether it’s good or bad! I hope it’s mostly good though.

Up Next:

Hopefully, if all goes well with my wrist, my next race will be the final round of the Garmin Arenacross series at Wembley. It would be nice to go out of the series with a win, and go into the motocross season strong.


I have teamed up with MX Training Events and Chris Bastick to put together a few training events this year. The first will be on Tuesday 4th March before the GT Cup that weekend – you can get a head start on the competition! Places are going fast, so get booked in guys. All riders accepted, and it’s great value at £50 for the day! If you want to book in, call Chris (07595996802).

Test, Test, Test:

The season is coming up really fast, and we have had a lot of stuff to test on the bike. It’s a new bike for me, and a new class, so everything is different. We have changed the bars, clamps, bar position, pipes, engine components, camps, pistons, heads and suspension! We have gone through it all, and I feel that I have a really good set up right now. I’m really happy with the bike.

My Set Up:

If you guys have ever wondered what my bike set up is like, here it is. I have been going back and forth with bars from 999 to 996 Renthals, but I’m set on 996. I use dual compound soft grips and always have. I have a pretty neutral bar position, and my levers are just below neutral. I am pretty fussy with my bar and lever positions, and I do like to get it right. So, I mess about with them for a while to get it perfect.

Image: Elliot Spencer

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