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Rider List: British Championship Thoughts

So, the final list of riders for the 2014 Maxxis British Championships has been released. Wow – we are definitely in for some cracking races in 2014, just look at the lineups in each class! What is interesting is that quite a few of the MX1 riders have opted to move to the MX2 class for 2014, most notably are: Jason Dougan, Matiss Karro, Ross Hill and Josh Waterman. Interestingly, all four riders had crashes in 2013, some bad enough to cut their season short – only Matiss managed to return before the end of the year. We will be catching up with the riders to get clarity on the switch. One thing is for sure, MX Vice will be keeping a close eye on all four of those riders throughout 2014 to monitor progress.

The battle for the MX2 title is going to be very interesting. With two time British Champion Elliot Banks Browne moving up to MX1 you would have thought the quality would have left a hole, I for one would have liked to have seen his 2012 battle with Pocock rekindled, but we’ll have to wait another year for that one. What we do have though is some great racing ahead with Pocock, Karro, Dougan, Barr, Mackenzie, Bradshaw, Clarke and Lenoir who are all capable of taking a win, then the group of ever improving riders Booker, Sterry, Ben Watson, Trickett, Cottrell, Tombs, Burrows, Norris, Dunn and if that wasn’t enough you have Thornhill, Harrison, Davidson, Millward, Garland, Todd. Once again, Wow!

Oh, and don’t rule out Ross Hill and Josh Waterman, both of these guys are young and have a few seasons of throwing around a 450f under their belts – I think both riders are capable of upsetting a few people next year. I’m sorry if I have missed anyone, but the top 40 is stacked with great British talent!

MX1 is going to be very interesting. I read a few comments online saying they see that the MX1 class will be a straight fight between [Jake] Nicholls and [Shaun] Simpson, with four other riders in the second tier behind them. In my honest opinion, this was one of the worst predictions and statements that I have seen so far, as MX1 is stacked. I know I keep using that word, but there is a reason that people are missing out – there really is a lot of talent!

The only way that this will ever be sorted out is to bring back qualifying. The MX Nationals (with its fastest 40 rule) this year will hopefully be a guiding light for the Maxxis British Championship in 2015, I do believe that the ACU are going to watch that series with a keen interest to see how successful the qualifying is. Anyway, I digress.

So, let’s see, in MX1 the obvious contenders are Nicholls and Simpson. Both will be riding in the MXGP series full-time. Simpson is coming off of winning the last GP of 2013, and Nicholls can finally eat a few chocolate bars, get healthy and throw around a 450 like it’s a BMX – you know Jake is going to come in swinging.

Behind these two is a plethora of talent, race winners and even British Champions, starting with Whatley (who basically nailed 2013 with pure talent and a riding style that was a joy to watch each win was worth the ticket fee). Next you have Brad Anderson, we have been on the receiving end of a Brad Anderson email; If you think he is giving up on winning the championship, I suggest that you keep quiet, as Ando is hungry, and he is out to prove a few doubters wrong.

Next up you have two time MX2 British Champion Elliot Banks Browne, who will be warming up with the Arenacross. If both Elliot and Kristian can stay injury free through the Arenacross UK series they are capable of winning the championship alongide Ando next year, with consistent rides.

Behind these riders you have MX3 World Championship race winners in Martens, Krestinov and Carless, Irwin who has already ran with Whatley on the 450, Coutts, Parker, Snow, Law, Elderfield, Ratsep, Wilde and also the ever improving Nathan Watson, who is destined for greatness. Hawkins, Smith, Edmonds will also be pushing the top 10 and the crazy thing to think about is one of those riders will finish in 20th position and score one point. I’m also not being fair to the guys I haven’t mentioned, as all are capable of getting into the top twenty.

Ross Rutherford is one of the most improved riders over the past three years, Jake Shipton has the potential to do well, so does Craig and the returning Rowson. Lewis Gregory is going to be one to watch next year, also. Gregory will be riding for GL12 (headed by the awesome Bob B), and will be contesting the new EMX300 series, as well, which should help him to improve over the course of the season. I genuinely think Lewis could really upset the applecart this year.

So, that’s my take on the quality of the riders involved, but there are some riders that have missed out, we’ll have a list up in a few days with an in depth view on each rider.

On a different note, it’s great to see foreign talent riding in the UK, once again. It is  good for a handful of reasons, their speed helps bring on our homegrown talent. It also attracts spectators, as they have a desire to watch riders that they would not see otherwise. From a marketing point of view, these riders will bring an interest into the British Championship from international fans. When Seb Pourcel raced at Canada Heights a few years ago, MX Vice had over 1000 French fans following online that day. These countries could well look to the UK to sponsor, promote their brands etc. So, this has obvious benefits for the ACU.

So, the first thirty-eight MX1 and MXY2 riders have been released – just waiting on the MX2 class to be finalised!

Words: James Burfield

Image: Elliot Spencer


3Tony CraigCarnegie FuelsSuzuki
4Gary GibsonSuzuki
5Graeme IrwinHeads & All Threads Suzuki U…Suzuki
6John MearaTMC Racing – BSCHonda
8Luke HawkinsPhoenix Tools Rocket HondaHonda
9Stuart EdmondsCCR SuzukiSuzuki
10Michael MahonM & T YamahaYamaha
12Lewis GregoryGL12 RacingYamaha
14Brad Cavill (Reserve)St Blazey MXHonda
17Alfie SmithLanes MVR-D HondaHonda
19Jamie EllisUnderdog Racing
24Shaun SimpsonHM Plant KTM UKKTM
25Jamie LawDyer & Butler KTMKTM
27Oliver Sandiford SmithShobart RacingHonda
31Alex SnowPhoenix Tools Rocket HondaHonda
36Matthew MoffatJAR HondaHonda
37Gert KrestinovApico LPE Kawasaki RacingKawasaki
38Daniel HutchinsonBikesport NewcastleKTM
42Nathan ParkerBuildbase Honda RacingHonda
44Elliott Banks-BrowneBuildbase Honda RacingHonda
45Jake NichollsWilvo Forkrent KTMKTM
49John AdamsonAAA Bikesport NewcastleKTM
60Brad AndersonBuildbase Honda RacingHonda
68Shane CarlessOakleaf KawasakiKawasaki
74Patrick MajorKawasaki
100Rob Wood (Reserve)Herts MX HondaHonda
111Ray RowsonHooper SuzukiSuzuki
124Luke RemmerJLP Racing KTMKTM
160Scott ElderfieldLanes MVR-D HondaHonda
180Josh SpinksHM Plant KTM UKKTM
181Gary Sharp (Reserve)C.G.M RacingHusqvarna
190Luke BensteadDanger UKSuzuki
221Priit RatsepOakleaf KawasakiKawasaki
227Kristian WhatleyMBO Sport YamahaYamaha
292James DoddTwoninetwoHonda
295Ross RutherfordPendrich Height Services Kaw…Kawasaki
313Murray Clunie (Reserve)C.G.M RacingHusqvarna
371David Frankland (Reserve)Danger UKSuzuki
387Yentel MartensTalon KawasakiKawasaki
701Dorren CouttsTalon KawasakiKawasaki
704Ashley WildeSandbach Scrap MetalHonda
731Jake ShiptonCrescent KTMKTM
818Shaun Springer (Reserve)K & S RacingYamaha
991Nathan WatsonDantec Husqvarna UKHusqvarna


3Chris BaylissWhy Not
5Josh WatermanIDS TransportKTM
10Sam WinterburnD3 Racing KTMKTM
11Matt BurrowsSBW KTMKTM
12Bradley Wheeler (Reserve)GL12 RacingKTM
14Robert DavidsonMJW Kawasaki RacingKawasaki
21Jason DouganLanes MVR-D HondaHonda
23Luke Newman (Reserve)Fraser’s of GloucesterHusqvarna
24Liam GarlandMBO Sport YamahaYamaha
40Luke BurtonHeads & All Threads Suzuki U…Suzuki
50Martin BarrVMX – Malin KTMKTM
63Jordan DivallYamaha
66Lewis TombsJAR HondaHonda
70Carlton Husband (Reserve)JLP Bikesport NewcastleKTM
91Matiss KarroWilvo Forkrent KTMKTM
92John Robson (Reserve)Bikesport NewcastleKTM
95Dan ThornhillFowlers Honda GrittenhamHonda
99Ryo SatoHeads & All Threads Suzuki U…Suzuki
100James Rutter (Reserve)Spectrum HoseHonda
110Adam DarbyshireUnderdog RacingHonda
111Ben PutnamLanes MVR-D HondaHonda
114Jordan Booker
119Mel PocockHM Plant KTM UKKTM
121Bryan MacKenziePendrich Height Services Kaw…Kawasaki
129Ross Hill
148Michael EcclesSliver Action KTMKTM
151Matt BaylissWhy Not
152Mathew CallaghanVerde SportsKTM
153James HarrisonPutoline Apico HondaHonda
173Luke NorrisMNE KTMKTM
176Aaron PiponMartin RacingKTM
200James DunnHM Plant KTM UKKTM
214Lewis TrickettMBO Sport YamahaYamaha
272Neville BradshawPutoline Apico HondaHonda
303Jake MillwardShocktech KawasakiKawasaki
337Glenn McCormickAGNEWKTM
411Erki KahroApico LPE Kawasaki RacingKawasaki
447Simon Booth (Reserve)Meredith MXSuzuki
511Steven ClarkeDyer & Butler KTMKTM
685Steven LenoirDantec Husqvarna UKHusqvarna
711James CottrellHM Plant KTM UKKTM
714Brad ToddPlanet Advanced Racing Suspe…KTM
811Adam SterryWilvo Forkrent KTMKTM
919Ben WatsonHM Plant KTM UKKTM


3Josh GilbertSt Blazey MXHonda
4Robert YatesBridgestone UKSuzuki
5Billy KingKawasaki UKKawasaki
6Alistair EvansHonda
10Eddie RemmerWadsworth KawasakiKawasaki
12Curtin BlameyMAR Jones AcademyYamaha
14Charlie HamletFeehily MXKTM
19Tom NealMotoshsck – O’NealKTM
33Robbie DowsonGraham CharltonsKTM
43Ethan GatenbyQuick ResponseKTM
44Corrie Southwood
45Will KeoghMJW Kawasaki RacingKawasaki
55Scott RichardsonCU Phosco – RSSHonda
58Tony SaundersDantec Husqvarna UKHusqvarna
63Oliver BentonGolden TyreKTM
75Joe JefferiesMD RacingKTM
77Jay HagueBike it Cosworth Dixon Racin…Yamaha
79Dylan CarnegieCarnegie FuelsKTM
91Charlie PutnamGolden TyreKawasaki
98Todd KellettTeam GreenKawasaki
100Ben JamesApico LPE Kawasaki RacingKawasaki
101James McFaydenFeehily MXKTM
103Oliver OsmastonMXW RacingHonda
105Mitchell LewisHonda UK – MX World – Sonic …Honda
111Sam BraithwaiteUnderdog RacingHonda
121Jack Eldridge (Reserve)KTM
122Jake SherridanVMX – Malin KTMKTM
131Henry SiddiquiGolden TyreKTM
134Liam KnightDyer & Butler KTMKTM
172Rob HolyoakeKenny Clothing – BRP ImportsKTM
177Toby OwenUnderdog RacingHonda
184Jamie CarpenterTrevor Pope MotorcyclesKTM
331Jordan EcclesDRFKTM
379Paul CoffeyVMX – Malin KTMKTM
411Declan WhittleDanger UKHonda
478Connor ClarkImperial Car CentreKTM
500Sid EvansCBS – KAS SuspensionKTM
511Jay LambPlanet MXKTM
561Jamie BuckinghamDual Sport MotorcyclesHusqvarna
591William WallManchester XtremeKTM
771Jason MearaNorman Watt MotorcyclesKawasaki

More information on the MAXXIS British Championship can be found here:

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