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MXGP Results: MXGP of Britain

The 2022 FIM Motocross World Championship has roared into life! The Grand Prix of Great Britain, held at the picturesque track of Matterley Basin, is underway underneath sunny skies. Although there are some high-profile riders on the sidelines, there are many intriguing stories to follow and both classes are wide open with a handful of potential winners! There is no reigning champion in either class – there is no bigger shake up from one year to the next than that.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Ray Archer

Seeing as there is so much uncertainty, it is rather important to follow the MXGP and MX2 results from the Grand Prix of Great Britain. This is the link that fans across the world need to do exactly that – results from practice and the motos will be added to this page immediately after each session. Remember that it is a two-day event! The latest results will be at the top of the page. If you have a question about anything that is going on in Great Britain, contact us on social media (@motocrossvice on Twitter and @mxvice on Instagram).

MXGP Championship Standings
MX2 Championship Standings
MXGP Overall Classification
MX2 Overall Classification
MXGP Moto Two (16:10)
MX2 Moto Two (15:10)
MXGP Moto One (13:15)
MX2 Moto One (12:15)
MXGP Warm Up (09:45)
MX2 Warm Up (09:25)
MXGP Qualifying Race (16:10)
MX2 Qualifying Race (15:25)
MXGP Time Practice (13:10)
MX2 Time Practice (12:25)
MXGP Free Practice (10:20)
MX2 Free Practice (09:50)

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