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2014 History makers?

A lot of families have brothers racing motocross but it’s not often that both go on to be professional riders and even less go on to be winners in their own right at the top level – especially not on the same day.

The first and last time two brothers won both classes of a major dirt bike series on the same day were the Pourcel brothers at the Italian Grand Prix on the 15th May 2007.

Sebastian Pourcel won both MX1 motos at Faenza while younger brother Christophe had a second and first place to win the MX2 overall on a tie break with Antonio Cairoli. It was a momentous day for the family after all the hard work and sacrifice it took to get both boys to that level.

In America while the Hahn brothers have both won races, they haven’t managed to do it on the same day and neither did the Alessi family.

But in 2014 the Hill and Stewart brothers have a chance at making history on the other side of the Atlantic.

Elder brother Josh Hill has won 450 supercross races before but his career looked to be over after suffering horrific injuries after a failed attempt at a back flip in the summer of 2010. But, with a fighting spirit combined with the loyalty of the RCH Suzuki team, Hill finally seems to be back to his best.

After showing flashes of his old speed at the end of the 2013 supercross season Hill has had a full winters training and even got in some supercross races over in Australia in the last few weeks. This is Hill’s best preparation for four years but the field is a lot deeper than it was in 2010 when he won races.

But Josh has the talent to at least get on the podium and if he does win one don’t be surprised.

Meanwhile his younger brother Josh also has a lot to prove in 2014. He got a big chance with Pro Circuit Kawasaki in his debut season in 2013 and didn’t really deliver the results Mitch thought he was capable of. That said he was a solid performer but this season the team will be expecting him to challenge for wins.

By all accounts Justin has stepped up his game this off season on the PC Kawasaki and is ready to deliver on his amateur promise.  Of course we don’t yet know what coast Justin will be on as Mitch Payton likes to leave the decision to the last minute but whatever coast it is Hill should be ready to go.

Both brothers have endured difficult seasons but both have been given another chance by their respective teams. It is up to both Josh and Justin to reward that loyalty and show everyone that they are capable of getting on the podium and even winning.

Then you have the Stewarts, one of the most famous names in motocross racing, but we are yet to see both brothers take a win on the same day. This year though, it could happen.

James Stewart was once the self-proclaimed fastest man on the planet. But, after years of crashes and injuries, Stewart admitted that last season he lost his self-belief.

Ryan Villopoto is now the man to beat but Stewart has been telling everyone recently that he feels he is back and has the self belief to get the job done. JS7 has an unbelievable amount of talent so every time the gate drops he has to be one of the favourites to win on any given night.

His younger brother Malcolm however is still awaiting his first win. Malcolm has been getting faster and faster over the last couple of years and will ride for TLD Honda this supercross season on the West coast.

Stewart showed a lot of speed on the TLD 450 outdoors in 2013 and flashes of brilliance on a 250f KTM during the supercross season. He is taking his racing seriously but can Malcolm put it all together this season and take a win in supercross? It certainly isn’t out of the question.

Both Stewarts have the speed, they just need to avoid the big crashes that both have been susceptible to in the last couple of years.

Both families have a chance to make American motocross history this year but can they do it? The Stewarts are probably the most likely to make it happen but the Hill brothers certainly have a chance. It is another interesting subplot in an already mouth-watering season of AMA racing.

If the stars do align and two brothers win on the same night it will be a historic moment and a fitting reward for their entire family -just like it was for the Pourcels that memorable day in Italy seven years ago.

Article by Jonathan McCready

MX Vice Editor || 25

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