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2013 CRF 450R announced with Honda World Motocross team

The new and exciting 2013 CRF 450R has been announced with the help of factory Honda World Motocross team riders Evgeny Bobryshev and Rui Gonçalves.

With a recent trip to California squeezed into their incredibly busy MX1 World Championship schedules, the Honda pilots had the opportunity to see the new bike for the first time and ride it back-to-back with the current 2012 model.

In the intense heat the Honda World Motocross duo quickly got to grips with the new machine, which features Kayaba air-sprung forks, twin pipes and a brand new full mass-centralised chassis along with many other refinements, that enabled the riders to throw it around for some big whips at the picturesque American circuit.

“For me the best improvement is the bike is easy in the tight turns. This is where I struggle the most and with the change in the chassis it was nicer to turn. I like the look of it too and I’m impressed with the overall feel of the bike,” said Bobryshev

Bobryshev and Gonçalves spent a full day ripping around the track aboard the new machine as well as being interviewed on the handling of the new bike for the launch video. The riders, who were working in conjunction with Honda Europe and American Honda, were really excited to be involved with the showcasing of the new bike, which will be officially launched in Europe later in the year.

“The balance of the new bike is really good. Everything feels so low, which makes it easy to turn, with it being light and nimble. It’s almost like a 125 to ride but with the power of a fourstroke and straight out of the crate the suspension felt good too. It’s also nice to see the design changes made, as the bike looks good and Honda has taken another huge step forward in development of the CRF 450R machine,” said Gonçalves.

The two Honda pilots were joined by Justin Brayton, Justin Barcia and Jeremy McGrath in trying out the new machine for the 2013 promotional videos and pictures.

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