Interview: Zach Osborne

Zach Osborne on climbing up the ladder

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Zach Osborne's quietly picking up some speed in 2020 Monster Energy Supercross. Osborne was fifth last weekend and then fourth this week, so the podium is clearly in his sights. The positive thing here is that he truly believes he has more to give as well. Osborne breaks that down in this MX Vice interview from Angel Stadium, as well as some other hot topics. Seventh is the position that he currently occupies in the premier-class standings. Twenty-two points separate him from the current series leader.

MX Vice: A similar result to last week but better. Last week you went back. This week you went forward. You were definitely going to the front and at one point I thought you would be on the podium, but you were close.

Zach Osborne: Yeah. I think if I hadn't had to battle with Jason [Anderson] as much I could have been on the podium. Cost me a lot of energy and a lot of stress, but it is what it is. I think I rode well. Obviously the heat race was terrible. I qualified in seventeenth out of the daytime, so a struggle, but turned it around for the main. Made a lot of changes to the bike and really found some good feeling that I'm confident with. I'm happy with a fourth place. It feels really good.

(Sean Ogden)

Twitter went mental after your move on Anderson, because you kind of moved over on him on the triple a little bit. I was guessing that this would be a shock to you, but Twitter seemed to think it was the biggest deal ever.  


You passed him before the triple in front of the press box, and then as you went up it you were ahead of him but you kind of leaned over a little bit. 


No? Twitter told me about this. 

Not even close.

You want to take it up with Twitter?

I guess. Hit me with it.

I can tell you the fans. I've got them on my phone.

Send them to me. I'll address them one by one.

Okay. We'll move off of that then. Ignore A1. We know that was a sh*t show. You have kind of proven yourself to be a consistent top-five guy the last two weeks. In this field, that's kind of a good place to be. That's a good place to be moving forward.

Yeah, for sure. I feel good about where I'm at with my bike, with my body and with everything. I think moving forward being in the top five right now is going to be important for the next couple of weeks and just stacking good points. Obviously wins and podiums are nice, but also there's a bigger picture too. Twenty points out of the lead, that's closer than I was when I came here. I was twenty-two out of the lead. I feel like we are in a good position. There's a lot of fight left in me to go and get some wins this year. 

(Sean Ogden)

Are you feeling one hundred percent now after the whole sickness thing? Is it finally gone?

Yeah. I still have one lung that's pretty sore, but it's okay. The main thing is just that I missed almost three weeks of riding because of sickness. 

You mean the last three weeks, like mid-week?

Well, the week before I got sick was Christmas, so that's a little bit of a messed up week. Only rode two days. Then the week before A1 I only rode one day. Then I was sick for that whole week. The next whole week I rode one time and did fifteen laps. Then it was St. Louis. This week was my first normal week again. I think there's a lot more in the tank, and I can get better and better. 

Decent track again this week. Not as many big rhythms as last week, but still there were some options. The first rhythm section you were going two, three, one or something towards the end. 

Yeah. I liked that line. The two, three, one line. You were still kind of tight inside so you were cutting the footage off, and then you could kind of make some time. It was just a fun little rhythm, so I just kept hitting it.

You could hug the inside quite tight in the next corner as well. I saw [Cooper] Webb use that to make quite a lot of ground up on [Ken] Roczen.

Yeah, you could really go ham dirty there if you wanted to. We didn't though.

(Sean Ogden)

Maybe I'm drunk, which is a good chance based on my earlier comments about your move on Anderson over the triple. Are they building the rhythm sections closer to the turns this year? The one in front of the press box looked much closer than before.

I just think that the jumps themselves are bigger, so I think that the spacing is probably the same but the way that the dirt lays down it just seems closer. It is tight. For us it's really tight. I ride in first gear a lot on the 450 even to kind of pull some of the triples out of the corners. For me I think they are evolving the tracks this year a lot more to the bike than what we have had in the past three or four years, and it's really good.

Last thing. Three rounds in and you have obviously learned a lot. Is there one thing with either yourself or the bike that you feel like you need to improve or work on now?

I just need a little bit more in-game fitness, but that will come back in the next couple weeks.

Interview: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Sean Ogden

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