Penalty: Dylan Ferrandis

Dylan Ferrandis confirms his punishment

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Social media is buzzing currently, as fans across the globe debate whether Dylan Ferrandis' move on Christian Craig was acceptable or not. Both riders ended up crashing, but Ferrandis remounted so quickly that he was able to go on and win the 250SX main event. Craig, on the other hand, had to withdraw as his bike was too beat up to continue. What did the AMA make of the move? Ferrandis confirmed the penalty that he received in the following statement.

"First win at the Angel Stadium last night. Crazy night and race, gave absolutely everything I had to the finish. Unfortunately I had this racing incident with Christian Craig that make both of us crash during the main event, I want to apologise to him and I hope he's not injured. Definitely not the way I wanted to pass him. Racing is never easy, specially when you dedicated your whole life to win and you had a 15 min race to do it. Sometimes the decision we take are not the smarter… The AMA gave me a 12-months probation with fine if I violate a rule in my probation period. Head down and back to work."

There were initially rumours that Ferrandis' win would be taken off of him – something that has only happened once in the sport – but obviously those turned out to be false and he will keep the twenty-six points. Craig later took to social media to say that he felt the penalty was not enough, but removed the comment.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Sean Ogden

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