All Results: Zuidbroek SX

SX1 and SX2 results from The Netherlands

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A smaller European supercross was run in Zuidbroek, The Netherlands, this weekend and played host to a gaggle of stars who would typically be found in the ADAC SX Cup. Tyler Bowers headlined the event as he does a lot of the time in Europe. What happened in the SX1 and SX2 categories? All of the results – from time practice to the main events – can be found in full below.

SX1 Main Event (17:40)
SX2 Main Event (17:19)
SX1 Last Chance (16:42)
SX2 Last Chance (16:35)
SX1 Semi Two (16:04)
SX1 Semi One (15:58)
SX2 Semi Two (15:51)
SX2 Semi One (15:44)
SX1 Heat Three (13:54)
SX1 Heat Two (13:47)
SX1 Heat One (13:40)
SX2 Heat Three (12:05)
SX2 Heat Two (11:58)
SX2 Heat One (11:51)
SX1 Time Practice Three (10:37)
SX1 Time Practice Two (10:30)
SX1 Time Practice One (10:23)
SX2 Time Practice Three (10:16)
SX2 Time Practice Two (10:09)
SX2 Time Practice One (10:02)

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX

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