EMX Report: MXGP of Germany

EMX125 and EMX250 results from Germany

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The MX Vice Show: #12

It's the best kind of Grand Prix this weekend! The EMX125 and EMX250 riders will fill the support classes at the Grand Prix of Germany, held at Teutschenthal, so there is no shortage of action to follow from the couch. How can one keep up with what happens in those categories? All of the EMX results will be added to this page immediately following each session, so check back regularly! The latest results are at the top of the page.

EMX250 Championship Standings
EMX125 Championship Standings
EMX250 Overall Classification
EMX125 Overall Classification
EMX250 Moto Two (11:30)
EMX125 Moto Two (09:45)
EMX250 Moto One (15:30)
EMX125 Moto One (13:30)
EMX250 Time Practice Two (11:40)
EMX250 Time Practice One (11:00)
EMX125 Time Practice Two (10:20)
EMX125 Time Practice One (09:40)
EMX250 Free Practice Two (09:00)
EMX250 Free Practice One (08:35)
EMX125 Free Practice Two (08:10)
EMX125 Free Practice One (07:45)

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX

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