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The 2019 FIM Motocross World Championship has arrived at St. Jean d'Angely, France, for round seven of eighteen and the third race in as many weeks. It has been a gruelling period with varied conditions, as well as results that have fluctuated a hell of a lot. The latter is a point that has made May just as stressful for those chasing success on MX Manager.

It has been impossible to predict what is going to happen from one week to the next, as fresh faces like Davy Pootjes and Arnaud Tonus have shocked most by jumping onto the box in their respective classes. It almost feels like inconsistency rules the current term, with the exception of maybe three guys, so how is a player supposed to be confident about their picks for a race weekend? The whole thing is just a big gamble, but that is what makes the game so enticing. There are massive swings in the points each time and therefore it is possible for anyone to enjoy success in the current climate.


Preparation is obviously a rather good way to ensure that the best foot is being put forward each week, so who could be considered a good pick at the Grand Prix of France this weekend? Jed Beaton is a great choice at this point, as €250,000 is not much to pay for a podium candidate. A crash-filled couple of weeks is the reason for the price cut, of course, as he has had three hair-raising falls in as many races and is therefore a tad beat up. It is safe to presume that, if he keeps it on two wheels, he will be in the top ten in both races, which is just fine. Perhaps it is worth noting that he has never raced at this track though?

Mitchell Harrison is another great pick, especially considering his price has only risen by €50,000 in the last week or so. Why does a rider who was in the top ten a week ago cost so little? It is a valid question that can be answered with the word consistency, which is a theme here. Harrison had one solid finish last week, so deserves props for that, but that does not mean that one can forget about all of those subpar finishes that he had at the Italian stops. It is still a gamble and one that may not be worth the risk, with cheap riders like Jed Beaton and Darian Sanayei in the mix.


Darian Sanayei is worth a discussion, as he costs €200,000 and finally logged a positive performance in race two at the Portuguese Grand Prix. An eighth was a huge step in the right direction and he could have scored a similar result to that in moto one, had it not been for a crash that led to a bike issue. Can he do that again at St. Jean d’Angely? It is such a gamble, but it seems as though things are turning around and therefore it may be worth a punt. An MX2 team that consists of Beaton and Sanayei is rather tempting at just €250,000. High risk, high reward.

Following that line of thinking in one class gives the player some room to work with in the opposing division, although the riskiest picks are the most enticing yet again. Evgeny Bobryshev will return to racing and really try to establish some kind of base that he can build off of from here on out. Bobryshev has admitted to MX Vice that he is far from one hundred percent though and therefore there is no telling how this thing is going to go. Could he pay off in a big way at €200,000? Absolutely. Is it worth it? This one could be too dangerous, at this point anyway, but the qualifying heat may quell any doubts.


Tommy Searle, the other BOS Factory rider in attendance at the Grand Prix of France, costs the same amount and is much safer. Searle will not be €200,000 for much longer now that his bike set-up has been figured out and, although his showing a week ago did not quite reflect the progress that has been made, one would presume that he will breakthrough sooner rather than later. Who knows what results that will lead to? It is worth remembering that he does not have to kill it in order to show value at €200,000 though, so a brace of twelfths would be enough. Searle is more than capable of doing that.

There is not one pick in the premier category that jumps off of the page, but Jeremy Van Horebeek is worth considering at €250,000. Van Horebeek is fighting a shoulder injury and will not be contending for a position inside of the top five, but he thinks a top-ten ranking is possible and that is just fine. Kevin Strijbos is another intriguing pick at €100,000, although there is very little upside there and he is dealing with elbow problems. Romain Febvre arguably makes the most sense at €350,000, so it is likely that he is going to be selected more than anyone else this weekend.

Heading into the seventh round of the 2019 FIM Motocross World Championship, it is worth remembering that picks are not going to close until gates drop on the first moto on Sunday. Use all of the data that filters through in qualifying to choose wisely and then the chances of winning increase significantly. Another point to note is that there have been different winners at every event so far. It is not just the riders who have been inconsistent this year.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX

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