All Results: ADAC MX

Results from the first ADAC event

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The 2019 ADAC MX Masters series fired into life at Fürstlich Drehna today. The championship, which is the premier national series in Germany, played host to a handful of Grand Prix regulars and some names from the past too. All of the elite riders are pooled together into one ‘Masters' category and the results from that class can be viewed in full below. Enjoy!

Masters Championship Standings
Youngster Championship Standings
Masters Overall Classification
Youngster Overall Classification
Masters Moto Two (16:54)
Youngster Moto Two (15:41)
Masters Moto One (13:50)
Youngster Moto One (12:45)
Masters Warm Up (09:59)
Youngster Warm Up (09:40)
Masters Last Chance (17:34)
Youngster Last Chance (16:57)
Masters Qualifying Two (15:10)
Masters Qualifying One (14:40)
Youngster Qualifying Two (14:13)
Youngster Qualifying One (13:49)
Masters Free Practice Odd (11:37)
Masters Free Practice Even (11:02)
Youngster Free Practice Odd (10:32)
Youngster Free Practice Even (10:01)

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX

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