Viewpoint: Conrad Mewse

Conrad Mewse on an eventful second round

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It is easy to presume that Conrad Mewse was mediocre at the Grand Prix of Great Britain, seeing as he finished in thirteenth overall, but that could not have been further from the truth. Mewse set the crowd alight with some phenomenal rides, yet freak mechanical issues stopped him from sealing the deal. All of that is discussed in length in this exclusive MX Vice interview from the second round of the 2019 FIM Motocross World Championship.

MX Vice: It was an amazing day, but also a sh*t day because the results don't show that. Looking at positives though, your speed was really good.

Conrad Mewse: Yeah, definitely. I'd class it as a good weekend. The speed was there all weekend. We had a fantastic couple of days. But, yeah, just lady luck wasn't on our side this weekend. We had a few problems in both motos. First one was on the last lap when I was going for third, which was a bit annoying, and then the second one… I think I must have caught a deep rut or something and something happened with the gearing. It wasn't safe for me to carry on.


I was in the late teens and there was no point in me carrying on rolling all the jumps. It wouldn't have made sense, so I had to pull in from that race. Like I said, it was a frustrating weekend but also on the flip side it could have been completely different and I could have been stood up on the podium. It's very annoying, but we are going to keep doing what we are doing. We're going to keep working hard in the week and keep fighting on the weekends. Hopefully it will come our way very soon.

It wasn't the same issue in each race then? That kind of proves that it really was just bad luck and no matter you did today it was just going to go wrong.

No, definitely. It was two completely different problems, not even related, so it was a lot of bad luck today. Like I said, I can't do anything other than keep fighting. The team and my mechanic were doing a fantastic job with the equipment that we have. There is not a lot we can do. We are just doing our best every single weekend. At the minute obviously it's not quite showing where we are at and our potential, but hopefully we can get our head down and keep doing what we're doing and it will eventually come around. 

Two problems today, but there is also a third problem. What have we got to do to get you a start? That is holding you back big time.

Oh, I know. Literally. I'd pay so much money just to get me round that first turn in the top five. Just for my own head, I'd just love to see what I could do if I went round the turn in the top five because at the minute I'm coming from… First race I got clocked in at eighteenth on the first lap and I came all the way back to basically nearly passing third. I'd love to get round that first turn in the top five. We are going to be working on that. We're going to be doing loads and loads of starts. Hopefully we can improve it, but we'll have to see next weekend.


Screw getting around the first turn in the top five. We need top fifteen! That'd be moving forward. Would you say starts are more you? Reaction time and technique or it is the bike? 

No, it's a bit of everything. We're still working on things. We are still going to improve the bike and things like that. If I could get around the first turn in the points, I'd be pumped. We are working hard. My team are putting in 100%, so there is nothing we can do at the minute other than keep trying and keep going. Like I said, we are going to be working on a lot of starts. We're going to be testing a lot of things and obviously we have got a short window. We have only got five days until the next round, but we're going to do as much as we can and get back to work. Hopefully we'll come out at Valkenswaard and all the hard work and the potential that I've got at the minute will show off.  

Putting a positive spin on it again… A lot of people say it's tough to pass in Argentina. It's quite fast. This isn't exactly the easiest place to come through the field either, yet you have done that easily both times. Like you said, get out front on a start and it should be easy. 

Definitely. This track was very fast this weekend. I think everyone was saying how hard it was to pass, but that first race I just found some amazing lines. I found what worked for me. I was coming through the pack well. When we get to Valkenswaard in the sand where there are a lot of line choices and a lot of places to pass, it should be very interesting. Hopefully it will open the field up and I can really get up there and push for that podium.  


Another positive: Obviously your consistency issues, or whatever you want to call it, from the past, you have kind of proven that is out of the window as well. No matter what's thrown at you, you always at least get yourself into a solid position when you can finish.  

Yeah. That was one of the main things this winter. We've worked on being mentally strong and just keep fighting no matter what the start puts us in or no matter if we have any troubles. We just keep going. I'm just going to keep fighting to keep getting that top ten. At the minute, we have proven it right but obviously that last race was the first one where I didn't manage to score any points. Like I said, each weekend from now we are going to keep going. We're going to keep fighting, because everything is in place. Everything is going well to get on that podium. We just need to put the pieces together now and then we'll be there.

Finally, just looking at the season as a whole, what goals do you have in mind? Are you looking at it as in baby steps? Like the first thing is to get on the podium for the first time or are you thinking that you would quite like to win one of these things this year?

Well, I wouldn't like to say baby steps. I wanted to come here and go 1-1, but that didn't really happen! We're going to focus on… I just want to get my first podium out the way. We have worked so hard for it and just for my team, my family and everyone that's helped me. I just want to get that first podium out the way. I believe from then once I've got the first one out the way, I believe that it will just keep going then and we'll be on a roll. Up until then, we have just got to keep working hard and hopefully I can land on the box soon.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX
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