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The second round of the 2019 FIM Motocross World Championship will be run in the United Kingdom over the weekend and offer those who faltered at the opening round, the Grand Prix of Patagonia-Argentina, a shot at redemption. Fantasy MX Manager players will also have a shot at getting back on the right track at Matterley Basin.

There is scope for players to gain points on competitors at the second round of nineteen, because of a few additions to MXGP and MX2. All of those riders should be considered and assessed throughout the practice sessions on Saturday. Dean Ferris will grab the most interest of all the guys gracing the 2019 FIM Motocross World Championship for the first time, thanks to his recent success at home in Australia and past in Europe, but does that mean that he should be pulled into countless Fantasy MX Manager teams? No. There is a lot of uncertainty there.


Ferris was unbelievable in the Pirelli MX Nationals, the Australian national series, a year ago and won each of those rounds whilst en route to the premier-class title. The fact is that series concluded two hundred and twenty-three days ago now though and he has not lined up since then. No matter how many laps have been put in on practice tracks, it is simply impossible to replicate the intensity of a race situation. Add in the fact that he got on that Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Racing steed less than a week ago and it becomes clear that he may be underprepared.

The fact that he costs just €250,000 on Fantasy MX Manager makes him an intriguing choice though. There is proof that riders in these situations typically come out swinging in their first race, because the adrenaline and whatnot take control, so perhaps players should pull him in and just hope for that situation to play out on Sunday? The good thing about Fantasy MX Manager this year is that practice and qualifying should offer a good look at the direction that things will travel in. Ferris should be compared to riders like Arnaud Tonus, because of his price. Bear that in mind.

Dean Ferris is going to give MX Manager players headaches, right? How about Lorenzo Locurcio then! The Venezuelan will kick off a fill-in stint, which is expected to last for the rest of the 2019 FIM Motocross World Championship. The name is undoubtedly foreign to plenty of European fans, but Locurcio was an accomplished amateur in the USA and enjoyed some success when he entered the pro ranks with Cycle Trader Rock River Yamaha. There is going to be an adjustment period and he is still fairly inexperienced, but then he costs just €150,000 on MX Manager.


That is a low price and has to be tempting! If he can finish thirteenth overall at that price, then it has to be considered a success. Andrea Zanotti costs €150,000 as well and one would think that Locurcio would have the upper hand over him on a circuit like Matterley Basin, right? It is always important to look at additional riders in the same price range to gauge how successful a choice could potentially be. Locurcio last raced in the USA at the tenth round of Monster Energy Supercross, Daytona, and then flew to Europe after that, so he has had just over a week in his new surroundings. It is a gamble!

Harri Kullas is an intriguing inclusion, based on recent form, and if he was priced at €150,000 then he would have to be on a ton of MX Manager squads. Kullas costs slightly more than that at €200,000 and the rather small difference of €50,000 is going to put everyone in a bind, as he is not that much cheaper than someone like Shaun Simpson. Do you spend a little more and get a former Grand Prix victor or keep things well within budget? It is a conundrum with no clear answer. Kullas is a lot stronger than most give him credit for though and that must be remembered.

There are many ways to go with Fantasy MX Manager teams this week, but one thing must be remembered: The deadline is later than it was last year. Picks will not close until gates drop on MX2 moto one on Sunday. There is time to play with, but it is precious. Do not waste it.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX

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