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Tommy Searle on a successful opener

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Tommy Searle is off to a flying start with BOS Factory, his new home for the 2019 FIM Motocross World Championship, as he logged impressive results at the Grand Prix of Patagonia-Argentina and garnered some much-needed momentum heading into the rest of the premier-class campaign. Based on what is say in this exclusive MX Vice interview, there is more to come from him and his machine too.

MX Vice: Kind of a slow start to the weekend, but it kept building up and up until the second moto that ended up being your best race in a while. Great start, all of that. I guess you are pretty pumped leaving round one?

Tommy Searle: Yeah, the second race was definitely my best race of the year so far. The whole weekend has been okay. Obviously, with the team and everything, it is quite new, the bike, so we were a little bit late on some things, but we came in and we did not make one change on the suspension all weekend. I think the changes we made over the winter with the chassis are really, really good. The BOS suspension felt great. We did not make any changes, but as a team I think we need to work on the engine quite a lot.


We did not really have time. It was pretty much a standard engine that we raced with this weekend, but surprisingly it got off the start really well in the second race. The first race I felt like I was riding around. I felt like I always had more – I was really comfortable. I spoke to some people in-between and we just said, "Okay, yeah. I am just going to leave it all on track, whether that be a fifteenth place or whether that be a fifth place." I want to go home and say I have done my best.

I ended up with a good start, so I just pushed and pushed. Then after about six or seven laps I felt a little bit winded, but my condition was really good. The pace was just high. I have not really pushed that pace for a long time, but actually I felt really, really comfortable doing it. My fitness felt really good and overall it was a really good race. There were a lot of positives this weekend.

I honestly cannot remember the last time you started in the top three in an MXGP race. Once you came out of the first corner and looked up, were you just a bit like, "Oh wow! What do I do now?"

Yeah, I was. I pushed hard into the first corner. I actually came in probably sixth or seventh. Then normally I am a little bit timid in the first corner and this time I just held it on. I had a good second corner, so I was probably about seventh into the first corner and then I had a good second corner. That was the first time this weekend. Every other time I have sort of lost positions in the second corner, so it just went well. I found a good gap and the next thing I knew I was third. I was like, "Okay, just push now."

Yesterday in the qualifying race I actually got quite a good start and I lost a lot of positions in the first laps. I just said to myself, "Okay, just go. If you get tired, you get tired." Actually, my fitness was really good. I did not really fade. I was just slow through the waves. I have been slow through them all weekend. I needed to commit a little bit more towards those. Every rider that passed me passed me in that waves section that second race so, without that, I think I could have been fourth. I will take a seventh this weekend. We will make some changes to the engine before Matterley and hopefully have another good weekend.


Do you think your speed in the waves kind of came down to the stock engine? You did not have the grunt coming out of the inside to get through them as quick as some of the other guys?

It maybe did a little bit, but I think it was just me not committing. It was not like the section was fast. I think if I was here on a practice day and I had done it over and over, I would have been as fast as anyone. I do not know. I have had a couple of crashes in them over the years. I think two times I have been here and two times I had a crash in them. I think I was just a little bit too timid for them, that was all. It is what it is. Other than that, I felt the second race was really strong for me.

I saw your team put on the board at one point that you needed to go outside before the waves. Did you just not feel like that was the way to do it?

I didn’t even see the pit board all race, to be honest.

Well, it was like the smallest thing I have ever seen, so I was wondering how you could read it.

I have not even seen the pit board. I did not even know where their pit box was! I should have. After Max [Anstie] passed me around the outside, I should have moved. I had quite a big gap actually then to [Clement] Desalle and [Gautier] Paulin, so I should have then followed Max straight through them every lap. The problem is, if I went outside then they would have probably passed me through them on the inside. Normally I always go outside. I get passed. A lot of people pass me on the inside and I always think, “Yeah, I went too wide." I knew the inside was fast if I committed, but I just did not commit enough.

You are going to work on the engine from here but, seeing as today went so well and it worked on the starts, how much are you going to push the set-up that you have now?

No, we need a change. Around the track we just need a stronger third gear. That is quite obvious. We will work on that. Actually, I rode an engine on Wednesday before I came out here that I am going to race in the British Championship that Matt [Hutchins] from Evotech has done. It was really, really good. We are going to test that and maybe we will bring that one to Matterley.


I guess the British Championship is going to be good for you in that way. Obviously, the Evotech guys are going to kind of look after you and they have got a lot of experience, so you can use it as testing in a way and pick up things that you can bring back to these races.

Yeah, exactly that. Matt is a really good guy. I did not know him before this season, but he is going to be running the team for BOS in the UK. Matt has a lot of experience with the BOS suspension, as well as just a lot of experience in general. The British Championship is going to be good. We have Shaun [Simpson] in it and he is going well. I think he had a good race as well, so next weekend for me… Especially at FatCat, a good track, I think it will be a good weekend and one we can learn a lot from as well.

Finally, I have got a lot of questions about your transponder in free practice this weekend. Obviously, it happened to [Evgeny] Bobryshev too. Is there a bit of a conspiracy theory going on here or what?

I don't know. They say it was not charged, but Stephen says it was charged. It must have lost the battery over the flight.

Oh, also, your boarding pass said 10:10 but there was a massive PM next to it. I am not sure if you noticed that one?

Yeah, I have had a bit of a mixed week. I booked my flight on Monday back from France for March 25th, not February, then I turned up twelve hours early. Then Bobby had some alcohol, like that rubbing alcohol to put tape on, but out here it was in a clear bottle and then I drank that as well on Friday. Maybe those were my three bad things out of the way and this weekend went quite smoothly.

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