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Brad Anderson was undoubtedly going to be a fan favourite at the 2019 Hawkstone International, as he tackled the MX2 class aboard a two-stroke. Anderson's time on the track was short-lived, however, as he was involved in a horrific crash early on in the first moto that left his helmet shattered into pieces. A red flag was thrown and medics rushed to the scene. There was a lot of concern and speculation, but an official report has finally been shared by the Verde Substance KTM squad. It is below.

"The good news is that although Brad was taken by ambulance to hospital, he has no broken bones. He has made a bit of a mess to his face but has been lucky to just require seven stitches and lots of painkillers.  His face is very bruised and swollen with a cut near his eye and on his lip. Brad Anderson is one very tough cookie."

There is currently no timeline on his recovery, but one would presume that it will take a bit of time for his facial injuries to allow him to race again. The first round of the EMX2T series on March 24 is his priority, although it seems unlikely that he will be ready to race in a month's time.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Ray Archer

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