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Brian Bogers provides intriguing insight

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Brian Bogers is entering the 2019 FIM Motocross World Championship firmly underneath the radar. A tough maiden term in the premier division left him with very little experience aboard the CRF450RW, so this could almost be looked at as his rookie season. Those injuries that held him back a year ago have actually provided him with an interesting perspective now that his countryman, Jeffrey Herlings, is dealing with a similar issue. All of the above is tackled in the exclusive MX Vice interview below, provided by MXVice.IT contributor Lorenzo Resta.

MX Vice: Brian, welcome back to racing! Even if you did a few races at the end of last year, I guess this is a new beginning…

Brian Bogers: Yes, of course. Last year it was a disaster. I missed almost the whole season. Only last two rounds I could do. I feel that I missed a lot of hours on the bike. What you build up in eight or ten months, with three surgeries, you throw it all away. I needed to start all over again, but now we had a pretty good off-season. Now our off-season races are starting. I'm really looking forward to it because, like I said, I miss a lot of races. To get back racing with the guys is amazing.

Brian Bogers is one of many riders who'll need a new deal later this year. (Honda Racing Corporation)

The comeback to the number one hundred and eighty-nine has something to do with this, I guess.

Yes, the number five didn't feel like Brian Bogers. It didn't feel right. I went back to one hundred and eighty-nine, because that feels better.

Why did you change last year?

I don't know. I already wanted to go two years ago with number five, because I was sixth in the championship and I said to myself, "If I get fifth, I will ride with the number five." Then with the Motocross of Nations in England, at Matterley Basin, I was riding with number five and it actually went pretty well. I thought it looked cool, the number five, but now I prefer the one hundred and eighty-nine.

Did you hear about what happened here two days ago with Jeffrey [Herlings]? It's a foot injury, which is something you know about, so how do you feel about that?

I also saw the x-ray pictures and it's the same bone as what I had. It's not nice, of course, as I know now what he is feeling, because I had it before. I hope for him he will be back on the bike sooner. He is in the same hospital as me, so they know what to do. I hope he comes back soon, because he is one of the best riders. It's always nice to see him riding.

Jeffrey was your teammate at the ‘Nations and is Dutch like you. It's really important to motocross to have him on track…

Yes, yes. Exactly. Maybe it's the last time in Valkenswaard this year, so when he's not there it will be not the same.

Do you think that he will take a long time to recover? 

If it's sure that he has the same like me, for sure it takes long months. For me it took ten months, but I needed three surgeries. If he can stick by one surgery, then I hope it's between two and four months he can be back.

Brian Bogers was eighth in the MX1 moto at Riola Sardo on Sunday (Honda Racing Corporation)

You are racing three races in the sand, before the Grand Prix of Patagonia-Argentina, so that will be good for you to prepare for round one. 

Yes, of course. Also just to get the feeling again for the start, to get the rhythm in the races, fight with all the riders and get some speed. These races are really important for me. I'm really looking forward to three races.

What's your target for this year after the Internazionali d'Italia series? What do you think about the MXGP series and the bigger picture?

Before Assen, I was only three weeks on the bike and I got sixteenth once. I was very happy with that, because the speed was not good at all. Now the speed is already better. I didn't really focus on the speed in the off-season, because I needed to get the physical [level] back. I'm thinking I’m on the right way. We are doing good. These races will be good to compare myself for the MXGP season. We'll see what happens there.

Interview: Lorenzo Resta | Lead Image: Honda Racing Corporation

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