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A Matthes Report: Glendale

Steve Matthes checks in with Chad Reed

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We are all stoked that Chad Reed is in a good spot for 2019. He's healthy, has got a factory Suzuki RMZ450 under him and it's awesome to see the two-time 450SX champion out on the track. This past weekend in Glendale, we got a glimpse of what he means to the sport when he ripped through the pack in his heat race to finish second. He was very fast, the crowd were going nuts and it was cool to see.

In the main though he didn't get the start that he needed and wasn't nearly as good. It had to be frustrating for '22' and adds to his Anaheim 1 race that also didn't go the way he wanted. Here's the thing with Reedy; he ain't here to do some sort of farewell tour for the fans. He is here because he thinks he can win or get on the podium and, so far, outside of some small glimpses, he has been off the pace.

Chad Reed currently runs in twelfth in the premier-class standings
Chad Reed currently runs in twelfth in the premier-class standings (ConwayMX)

After the race I caught up with Chad to talk about his Glendale race and he preferred to focus on the positive on his heat race and seems to know what's been going on and how to improve.

MX Vice: Great heat race. Reminded me of the popularity of yourself with the fans freaking out as you raced up.

Chad Reed: Yeah, that was a great heat and good for a bunch of reasons. For me, I feel like I've had really one outstanding issue that's been really consistent really since the motocross. For whatever reason, we have been chasing it and trying to work on it. Then today I was kind of just going through my mind like, "What the hell? What are we doing?"

This is on the bike?

This is bike. Then immediately it was so much better. So then really, from there, I was seventh in that one and then I think I was eleventh in the other one. In all honesty, that's great for me. I felt racy all day and then in the heat race I came from the back. It wasn't like I started up front. I passed Kenny [Roczen] and a couple of those guys and just rode really well. Then the expectation in the main event was to try to do the same thing. I really just found myself in all of the wrong areas. I would murder those guys in the whoops and then be on the outside, with pretty much what should have been a pass and then get passed because I'm on the outside getting held up.

Just one of those main events that was just really, really frustrating. I finally started to not ride like an idiot and then I ran into the back of [Justin] Hill and crashed. I feel like I want to reflect more on just the positives that I had during the day and the feeling. Finally the feeling that I needed is there. I think I showed that in the heat. The main event was pretty disgusting, to be honest, but just move forward.

Chad Reed had a season-best finish of ninth back at Anaheim 1
Chad Reed had a season-best finish of ninth back at Anaheim 1 (ConwayMX)

We are two races in. We saw your starts at Monster Cup. We saw your starts in Indiana, although that was a great line selection there. We are waiting on the Suzuki and Chad Reed starts to come together here.

Yeah, for sure. We have video of it and really the video shows it's all on me. I feel like my reaction, timing and everything like that is good. I'm struggling up and over the gate and on the other side. It's nice to have Dan [Truman] down there and videoing that. That's something I need to work on this week, because I don't know why that's happening. But now that you are aware of it, you have just got to try to make it better. I still feel comfortable and I still feel that the starts are there, but clearly haven't been there.

The heat race is something that you can definitely work on; you can be happy with and know that you are in the right direction. That was really cool to see.

Thanks. Honestly, it seemed like everybody struggled. Me and [Justin] Brayton went fast and then we went slow in the main event. It was like a flip-flop of a scenario.

Staggered start and the ten-minute break. What's that like as a racer? Does your adrenaline leave your body and you got to get ramped up? What's that like? Is it weird?

It's weird, because there is a part of you that's just kind of like, "Okay, let's get back into this," and you're aware that somebody's down. Mookie is one of my favourite people out here, so it's kind of like, "Man, that sucks that Mookie's down. He's not up. It's taking a long time to get him situated and stable enough to get him off the track." That's on your mind. You kind of hope that he's okay. I'm not a fan of the staggered start. I don't know how to do it. I understand it, but don't understand it.

Chad Reed has openly admitted that this could be his final season
Chad Reed has openly admitted that this could be his final season (ConwayMX)

This past Monday, Lewis Phillips from this very website was able to come by and sit in for the PulpMX Show. We had the two winners, Blake Baggett and Adam Cianciarulo, on the show, as well as Jessy Nelson so it was an interesting show. I like the MX Vice guys; they do a great job covering the sport over in Europe and then investing in the supercross series over here while they can. I think our listeners enjoyed hearing Lewis talk about the MXGP series and how he thinks Jeffrey Herlings and Jorge Prado are basically going to rule over both classes for a long time. I found it odd that the Englishman didn't know really anything at all about the Beatles and he definitely made me feel pretty old at times.

Thanks for coming by Lewis and check out the archive of the show at PulpMXShow.com if you can.

Words: Steve Matthes | Lead Image: ConwayMX

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