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10 Questions: Josh Vail

Josh Vail is a young talented rider, who has shown great improvement over the last 12 months. He’s been working hard on his riding skills and has even been getting help from EMX 300 rider Damon Strydom.

How old was you when you started riding?

Five and a half.

What was your first bike?

A 1979 Honda PW50

What’s your favourite track?

My favourite track so far is Wildtrax in Chippenham, the back jump is awesome and I can clear it.

Have you had any nasty injuries?

Yeah, loads! I’ve smashed lots of helmets and ripped lots of kits. The worst injury was a bruised chest, shoulder and arm from being ran over in a race. I was so lucky nothing was broken.

What championships are you competing in?

I’ve just finished the Judd MX Premier Cup taking 18th overall in 65cc and I’m currently running 3rd in the 65cc group in the 90MXC championship.

Who helps you out? (Sponsors, parents etc)

My dads my main man! Chaufer and Purse. His business Vail plumbing and heating are my chief sponsor.

What’s your biggest racing achievement ?

I’ve been pushing hard and perfecting my starts is my biggest achievement so far and finally running in up at the front a few times.

Do you have any pre race rituals / superstitions?

I don’t know why but I always rub my forearms on the bars while on the gate and re-fasten my gloves. I also always have a big fist pump with dad!

Who’s your favourite rider? Old or new ?

James Stewart, I’d love to bubba scrub one day!! Damo Strydom is mega to watch too and I’m lucky enough to have him helping me with my riding at the minute.

What would you do with a million pounds?

Buy a massive house for my mates and I with a huge track in the garden so we can ride everyday, and lots of sweets!

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