Injury Update: Jimmy Albertson

Jimmy Albertson needs your help.

Jimmy Albertson needs your help.

You may have heard that Jimmy Albertson sustained a significant number of injuries at the most recent Monster Energy Supercross round, Daytona, and now information has been released on how you can help. Just how many issues is he dealing with currently?

The Suzuki pilot sustained a "fracture of the manubrium and body of the sternum (posteriorly displaced by 1cm), fractured T5 through T7 vertebrae, compression of the T4 through T6, epidural hematoma at T5 (epidural is the outermost part of the spinal canal), bilateral patchy lung contusions and a left metacarpal fracture," according to a statement on Road 2 Recovery. The good news, however, is that Georgia Albertson confirmed today that he "today has been a good day so far! Took Jimmy on a walk around the hospital and he got a shower."

The statement on Road 2 Recovery mentioned that "Jimmy’s surgeons are in the process of coming up with the best plan to address his injuries. As of now, it is looking like he will need one, possible two separate surgeries before he can be transferred home to Oklahoma via medical air ambulance. His first surgery is scheduled to stabilize his broken sternum; his team of surgeons will put in two plates and screws in the sternum to hold it together. As long as he remains stable the surgery is projected for this Thursday.

"The second surgery is to address the epidural hematoma that is on the outside of his spinal canal," the piece continues. "The surgeons plan to alleviate the pressure by carefully releasing and drawing some blood from the clot. They are currently waiting and assessing the hematoma to decide if and when they will drain it."

An update is now available, as Jimmy Albertson did indeed have surgery on his sternum this morning. That is just the start of what will be a lengthy recovery process, however, as he mentioned in an Instagram statement. "Headed in for surgery this morning to reattach my sternum," he wrote. "I just want to say thank you to everyone who has came to visit and sent me kind/motivating messages this past week. Sorry I have not responded, I really do enjoy reading them. We have been getting good news the last couple days. It looks like my spine and lungs are stable enough to have the proper operation to repair my sternum, which is a big deal so I can start rehabilitation on my back.

"@Road2Recovery has also stepped up to make this injury easier for us," he continued. "I have great health insurance and always have, but things like getting a medical flight home were just going to be out of our budget. It was hard for me to accept their help. I know there are other athletes in far worse situations than me. That being said, any money that is left after our medical expenses will be put towards a rider that needs the money ASAP! I hope to have more news by the end of the day to update everyone with."

Are you in a position to help one of the most likeable riders in the pits? You could click any of the R2R links above and donate on that page. If you are not able to do that, you could always leave a positive comment that'll boost morale.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Sean Ogden

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