Delvintor Alfarizi scores top fifteen place in Grand Prix in Lombok

JM Racing Honda’s Delvintor Alfarizi has managed to achieve a top fifteen finish in his home Grand Prix in Lombok. Alfarizi managed to achieve this position in the second moto when he finished fifteenth. In the first moto he crossed the finish line in nineteenth place with a problem with his rear brake.

During the previous Grand Prix in Maggiora, Alfarizi had suffered a fracture in his finger and as a result he had not been able to train with the bike. As a result, we had to wait and see how it would go.

From free practice, Alfarizi felt good on the bike. This gave him confidence for the qualifying heat. Alfarizi started positively but after 12 minutes he had a problem with his rear brake and could do no more than drop the pace. Alfarizi finished the race in eighteenth place and was looking forward to Sunday with confidence.

Also in the first moto on Sunday, Alfarizi had to deal with the same problem with his rear brake. Again he tried to keep the pace as high as possible and finish the race. This eventually earned him a nineteenth place, which was good for two points.

In the second moto he didn’t had problems with his rear brake. Alfarizi got a pretty good start and managed to gain a few places during the first lap. He then worked through a consistent race and managed to cross the finish line in fifteenth place.

In the day’s classification, Alfarizi finished in seventeenth place and is now in thirty-fifth place in the standings. This weekend there will be another race at this location and the track will be ridden in the opposite direction.

Overall Grand Prix MX2 Lombok:
1 Kay de Wolf 50 Pnt
2 Andrea Adamo 42 Pnt
3 Lucas Coenen 36 Pnt
4 Mikkel Haarup 36 Pnt
5 Sacha Coenen 34 Pnt
17 Delvintor Alfarizi 8 Pnt

World Championship Standings MX2:
1 Kay de Wolf 532 Pnt
2 Lucas Coenen 467 Pnt
3 Simon Laengenfelder 463 Pnt
4 Liam Everts 432 Pnt
5 Andrea Adamo 417 Pnt
35 Delvintor Alfarizi 8 Pnt

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