Stark Future – Groundbreaking Participation in X Games

Stark Future Announces Historic Participation in X Games with Three Riders in Three Different Disciplines on the Stark VARG

Stark Future is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking milestone at Xgames. For the first time in the history of the X Games, three riders will compete in three different disciplines exclusively using the Stark VARG, the world’s most advanced electric dirt bike.

Event Schedule: Pacific Daylight Time


  • Best Whip – Friday, 8 PM: Patrick Evans
  • Best Trick – Saturday, 7 PM: Pat Bowden
  • Quarter Pipe – Sunday, 2 PM: Colby Raha – Patrick Evans


This unprecedented event marks a significant leap in the evolution of electric motocross, showcasing the capabilities of the Stark VARG in diverse competitive scenarios.

“We are incredibly proud to support Patrick Evans, Pat Bowden, and Colby Raha at X Games,” said Anton Wass, CEO of Stark Future. “Their participation on the Stark VARG not only highlights the bike’s exceptional capabilities but also underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries in even the extremest of sports.”

Best Whip with Patrick Evans

Kicking off the event on Friday at 8 PM (PDT), Patrick Evans will demonstrate the agility and power of the Stark VARG in the Best Whip competition. Known for his dynamic and stylish whips, Evans is set to push the boundaries of what´s possible on at Xgames.

Best Trick with Pat Bowden

On Saturday at 7 PM (PDT), freestyle motocross star Pat Bowden will take on the Best Trick competition. Bowden, renowned for his innovative and daring tricks, will leverage the Stark VARG’s unmatched acceleration and performance to perform a jaw-dropping show.

Quarter Pipe with Colby Raha

The event will culminate on Sunday at 2 PM with Colby Raha competing in the Quarter Pipe. Raha, a celebrated name in the sport, will utilize the Stark VARG’s robust build and exceptional torque to achieve new heights in the Sport.

A Historic First for X Games and Electric Motocross

This participation by Stark Future’s riders marks the first instance in X Games history where a single brand’s electric motocross bike will be used across multiple disciplines. The Stark VARG’s innovative design, featuring an 80hp power output and zero emissions, sets a new standard for performance and sustainability in extreme sports.