Where flight meets flights.

Senses on overdrive, courage at the limit, brain firing on all frequencies-the all-new Scans Limited Edition Collection is fight or flight, visualized.

With a graphic that mimics the body’s physical response to the stress of the chase and adrenaline of the win, this is racewear that gets it. Signal sent. Message received. Response incoming.

“That feeling of winning was pretty insane. It gave me something to chase, and I’m always kind of looking for that feeling again.” – Levi Kitchen

“One of the more stressful moments in racing is, I think, the last lap. If you know you’re going to win a GP or you’re going to win a moto, you’re like, ‘I need to stay up on two wheels. ‘And that’s always quite a stressful moment, but also a fun moment at the same time, because that two-minute lap time – or whatever it is – will feel like 10 minutes. And yeah, it will take so long before you get to the finish line, but once you came over the finish line it’s so amazing that you’ve just won a race or won a GP.” – Kay De Wolf